Schizophrenics are not dangerous people

I want to debunk the stigma and the theory that we are dangers to society we are just individuals with our own issues not problems to society


Most of my schizophrenic friends weren’t dangerous. I’ve had several.
Before I joined family group therapy I heard rumors of someone’s schizophrenic son in the group who threatened and scared his mother.
I moved into supported housing and my neighbor across the hall invited me out to coffee the first time I met him. I accepted and we became good friends. He was the guy who they said threatened his mother! He was a mellow, friendly guy and we were friends for about six years before I lost track of him. He was not violent or angry; we used to go to the clubs together or just sit and split a pot of coffee on the porch.

I had one schizophrenic friend who was a wild card. But he was crazy before he was diagnosed. He did a bunch of crazy things before I knew him but he was an alright guy
We hung out for and we used to get drunk or he would over my house or I would go over his group home. We started off on the wrong foot but became good friends. He was crazy but he wasn’t really that violent.

My girlfriend was schizophrenic and had some weird delusions but she was really nice and had an even temper. I think she liked me a lot but we weren’t in love. I used to take the bus for about an hour and a half to visit her and then the next week she would take the bus to see me. Went out with her for awhile, we did a lot of stuff together.


Most aren’t, and are in fact more likely to be a victim of violence than the perpetrator. However, with that said, if you get the right individual, and he or she doesn’t take medication, definitely for long periods of time, they can get dangerous or even violent. One of the two schizophrenics that I know, was on edge quite a bit. He’s a member of my church, had a big family, then schizophrenia happened, and pretty much deprived him of everything, that much we all know. One time, he threatened to shoot up the church building that we were attending to on Sunday, but, like a lot of threats by schizophrenics, they never came to pass.

I think the majority is too scared to be violent, honestly, that’s what is like for me, at least.


There is a minority of schizophrenics that are dangerous when unmedicated such as that of myself. I will say that once in a psychotic state of mind, me being a danger to the general public exponentially increases.


I have had violent thoughts. I hope I never act on my disorganized thoughts.

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You haven’t seen me adding spice to chili and tacos.



There are some that are dangerous and of course that and the media is why schizophrenics have a bad reputation.
I knew a man in a group home i was in a few years ago and it was all very open to come and go as you please, anyway, he pulled a knife a couple of times on other men in there. Didn’t do an injury to them but one moved out instantly didn’t want to live with that threat again. Can’t blame him. I personally feel there is risk with some mentally ill of becoming violent especially if their pushed


Of course they can be. As can anyone be really.


The last time I was punched in the face was in a mental hospital. The last time my car was broken into was in the parking lot of the Psychiatric Day Treatment Center. The last time anyone went into my wallet and stole money was a mentally ill girlfriend.

When I was psychotic, my mind told me to do horribly violent things, which I didn’t do.

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Some people may be more sensitive to medicine as well as having comborbities.

I think sz are as dangerous as the ordinary drunk. Of course exceptions make the rule.

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According to my CPN - most of the time schizophrenics are violent, is because there is other factors involved like drink and drug abuse, or have a co-morbid anti-socal personality disorder.

Ive not been my best behaved in the past. But i was usually drunk as well.

I was seen as a medium risk at the time according to the probation services.

Behaved myself for nearly 10 years now :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry, but according to my old ward pdoc who made me stay there for three months, it’s better to stay at home and rest as well. Who knows what I would do if I went out with a serious bout of akathisia.

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We are no less or more dangerous than other people.


I think its the bizarre crimes SZ people commit when they unmedicated. Makes it all seem worse and the news pump it up.

I myself have been scared of SZ people when they tweak out on me in the hospital or wherever. You never know how far a mentally ill person will push it.

Just the other day i was reading an article how someone beheaded their mother and carried them into a shopping centre. He was full blown Sz.

Crimes like that, rare as they are, will put everyone on edge about SZ.

Psychotic and Delusional people are often very dangerous.


I’ve always learned that sz’s are not more likely to be aggressive but are more likely to become the victims of aggression. There were some studies on this topic.

However, I get it. People with crazy eyes look scary.


But I will say that in the States it seems to be a common thing to pin wild-ass crimes on “voices.” For example, there was a guy who shot up a movie theater (of all places… So tragic.) and then the defense said he heard voices telling him to do it.

…I dunno just how much I truly believe that, you know?

I think SZ gets a bad rap from all these defense attorneys tryna push for an insanity plea so they can win cases.

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Bleak post ahead:

All’s I know is when I experienced psychosis, I had voices telling me to jump off the top of the parking garage (5 stories), to overdose on my meds, or to buy razor blades and simply end it.

Never did I ever, have a voice tell me to hurt anyone else but myself.

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I have to say that in my case it worked both ways. I also told my voices to kill themselves and they got depressed…

My voices only make me feel like ■■■■. They usually tell me that I’m worthless. When I hear voices I want to go to bed and sleep, not go out and murder people.