Do you think people with schizophrenia are more dangerous than the average person while in psychosis? POLL

I know it’s all pc and all to say that schizophrenics aren’t dangerous but I personally think someone in the middle of a psychotic episode can indeed be quite dangerous because of their false beliefs. You could for example believe that Satan talks through your mother and therefore want to kill her. With that in mind here’s a poll:

Do you think schizophrenics in the midst of psychosis tend to be more dangerous than the average person?:

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know

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Well I was at both extremes. I was violent towards a nurse.


I also was hugging nurses which I would not do in my non psychotic state.

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I voted yes.
Delusions can make us violent.
I was never violent until now.
But who knows?


no, it is a proven statistic that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than be hurt or killed by a sz; that being said, sz’s are more of a danger to themselves than anything else. when they are psychotic.


Mainly a danger to ourselves, but yes. A schizophrenic can be a danger.

That’s why proper mental health teams are so important.


I am a danger to the general public when I am in psychosis which is why I am injected with anti-psychotics to prevent any future psychotic episodes.


I think that psychosis can pose a danger in general.
Not necessarily exclusive for schizophrenia.


Yes psychosis can be dangerous, I fought a good friend of mine when I was psychotic bcuz I thought he was a reptile trying to control my mind, now I’m a docile fat medicated sz person. Although I’d say “average” people in the us are about as dangerous as anyone, were aware of our mental health, someone “normal” super stressed and with bad mental health make bad decisions sometimes violent everyday.

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That’s true. I thought about phrasing the question a little different but I had it all typed out already and left it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I’m not schizophrenic but when I become full blown psychotic I can pose a danger just because of being in a deep delusional state and extreme paranoia.

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