'Not all schizophrenics are dangerous'



Unfortunately I can become a danger to others when I am experiencing full blown psychosis.


I think it’s tricky. Attack without provocation you’re dangerous. React in response to real provocation you’ll also probably be seen as dangerous.


It’s important to find a treatment/medication that works for you. I wasn’t entirely violent before, but I could see that I was heading that way.


My whole problem is that I’m not dangerous. My last “violence” was in 1980 about a month after my diagnosis when I was in my first group home and some guy kept needling me. I grabbed him around the throat but he just laughed at me. He had been in a serious institution before I met him. Oh yeah, at this same place I threw a bowl of cereal at some guys face when he spit at me.


As a rule most Schizophrenics are not dangerous. But if you needle them or irk them too much then they can become unstable and a bit violent. Most of them are victims of violence not perpetrators.


i’m more likely to harm myself tbh, i’m really not dangerous at all, i would be too scared to be dangerous tbh it would make my symptoms worse, i get like a little confused frightened little rabbit and try and hide away, become very timid :frowning: wouldnt hurt a fly


“You’re a schizophrenic?? That means you’re dangerous right?” Half the time I just glare at those people and say something like “Is that what you’d prefer?” Good stuff :laughing: but all jokes aside, I hate the stigma that Sz brings


Being violent is never a good thing.
Having 3 very strong older brothers taught me that if you ever hit in anger- you will be hit equally, if not harder back, regardless of who’s at fault.


Everyone treats me like I’m dangerous I’m not. But everyone treats me like some psycho ax murderer. And that’s all I’ll ever be seen as I dont know why I even ■■■■■■■ try anymore nobody ■■■■■■■ cares about a goddamn psycho. I’m so done I might as well do something dangerous because that’s all I am to anyone. A god damn freak some sort of monster or something what the ■■■■ am I supposed to do ■■■■.


My friend with a psychotic disorder had a friend she had for years stop associating with her because after learning her diagnosis because she said she didn’t feel safe around her. My friend has never and would never hurt anyone else, just because you’re a danger to yourself doesn’t mean you’re a danger to others.


And being a normie, makes you,“Normal?”


It’s a proven statistic that you have better odds of being struck by lightning than to be hurt or killed by a schizophrenic…schizophrenics are a greater danger to themselves than others.


Personally I find that headline offensive ‘not all schizos are dangerous.’ It implies that most of us are dangerous, which I don’t think is true.

I’ve never been violent even during a psychotic break, and I’ve known plenty of others in real life with this illness who aren’t violent either.

I once read a statistic that the rate of violence among people with sz is basically the same as it is for normies. I’m not sure how true that stat is maybe someone can correct me if it’s wrong.

I will admit that the risk of violence is higher during a psychotic break, but even still it’s a very small proportion who are dangerous.


Hmmmmm. The title changed. I think that people caught on that we were being insulted, because it was being implied that only a small percentage of us were not dangerous.

But even the new title needs a fix’n.


MAn this is such a crock of ■■■■! This kind of media coverage really pisses me off! Anyone can be dangerous regardless of your mental health status! ANYONE!


I’m more offended now since they changed the title but didn’t change the message at all.