Schizophrenic medicine and add

I find that I went through a psychosis the last 4 days. I’m stressed because I cannot work in those times. I think in circles about worldly problems I have conversations with people in my head. I cannot prove that they really are speaking to me. My mind creates reasons to believe that they exist. I also have ADD since I was diagnosed as a child. I need add medication to concentrate. I cannot afford a psychiatrist to balance my medication. Our country is very poor and people are struggling. I am studying to get a job to look after my family but with schizophrenia it’s really hard. I need advice to find the correct medication to survive in this cruel world. I thought about online psychiatric services it might be cheaper, but to test the medication is long process. Have you got add what to you take and what schizophrenia medication normally is safe with it.

I have both ADHD & SZ.

Quetiapine, Olanzapine, Risperidone, Aripiprazole are all commonly available antipsychotic drugs and any knowledgeable general practitioner should know these medications. Without access to public health care or private health insurance, some medications can cost more than others, if cost is a factor then you will need to decide what is best for you. If you feel you need medication I would see a doctor and talk to them about your options. For first episode psychosis, you might want to take medication for 6 months - 2 years depending on the severity of your symptoms and how your recovery trajectory. You could also recovery a lot quicker and it’s impossible to tell until start taking the medication and this is why monitoring by a trained doctor is important. If you feel you ‘need add medication to concentrate’ I’m warning you now how sedating antipsychotics can be. There are also a host of side effects which is the real reason why specialist care is important. Antipsychotics have a lot of off-target effects and you will know what I mean once you take them.

Antipsychotics work primarily by blocking or modulating dopamine receptors. ADHD medications commonly psychostimulants stimulate dopamine, if you are taking a second line ADHD treatment they will also be doing the same to some degree. These two medications have seemingly antagonistic effects but as they are on different brain regions and receptors, they can in instances be used synergistically, that said the balance of these medications is an incredibly finite thing. You will notice a reduced efficacy of the ADD medication when used in combination with antipsychtoics. Other than that effect to the best of my knowledge there aren’t major issues with taking these medications concurrently. Although it would help to know the metabolism pathways of the specific medications you are taking and only a trained medical professional would know that.

Are you aware ADD medication can actually cause psychosis? If you genuinely did have a psychotic episode I would start by not taking the ADD medication. Consider an investment in real medical advice an investment in yourself and your future. Do write back if you have further questions :innocent: