Schizophrenic dreams

I just had a pretty interesting one. I got malcoviched and a bunch other ■■■■. I heard a voice in my head “we can stay here”… Then bwoooooosh I could feel my heart and mind swelling up with souls or whatever. Then more crazy ■■■■ happened.

Had a lot of dreams that are more psychotic than my conscious stuff.

Any of you have Sz dream experiences you’d care to share about?

Sometimes I actually have happy dreams where I’m hanging out with people and having a good time, then I wake up and try to hang onto that feeling for a few minutes before it fades.

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Idk i have Deja Vu A LOT though


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During one of my hospitalizations I thought that it was all just a big study about me. The patients, doctors and nurses were all normal but acting out some type of roll. Every one one was in on it but me.
I’d had so many dreams about making a heroic escape but would wake up before I had the final “key to success”. The dreams were almost nightly. Horrible.

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I get that feeling about being in the hospital.


Years later I read, The Lucifer Effect, gave me flashbacks kinda.

My dreams are always intense, and always have been. Everyone tells me they’d make good stories or movies.

Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamed my family was Forbes list rich, and we lived in a huge mansion. Some journalist put out a bogus article on us saying we were cruel, selfish people who hoarded our wealth. In reality we donated large chunks of money to charities and were pretty nice people. But this article made a huge mob of people show up at our house late at night. We had to rush to pack basic necessities before we left, and the police held them off while we did.

As I was packing a man broke into my room and poured gasoline on everything including me. He tossed a match in but I escaped before things caught fire. We all ran outside but I realized I’d left my flute so I told my family to get in the car without me. I headed back but remembered my flute was at school so it was fine. Then I bumped into the guy that set my room on fire and I confronted him to tell him the truth about my family, and he just laughed and said he already knew because he was the one who’d written the fake article! He said he did it to get recognized as a journalist and was just in it for fame. I remember being shocked at his cruelty.

I went to the car but it was on fire and my family was stuck inside with thick black smoke. I let them out and had to perform cpr on my mom and sisters. Everyone survived except my dog, who died in the car while I was giving cpr. Anyways we did escape and start a new life. I ran into the journalist one more time and he tried to rape me. I fought him but he ended up being a vampire and bit my neck and it made me not able to fight him, I just had to watch as he attacked me.

The whole experience was just awful. My professor said the level of brain activity during dreams is similar to working complex calculus problems over and over. It makes sense why I’m always tired no matter how much I sleep. Dreams can drain you.

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Rarely can I remember a dream with detail like that.

Sorry, I know know it isn’t funny but that phrase made me laugh hard man.


Yep, I’ve always remembered mine pretty well, which is apparently also abnormal.

That movie was hilarious

yes. One of my favs. Have you seen Adaption?

Nope! Is it similar?

Same script writer or something like that. Good cerebral movie.

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Makes me laugh too.

I’ve mentioned it before but ill say it again. My second psychosis after falling asleep i woke up, or seemed to. I was wide awake in there, just like now. There was alot of strong wind in my room and flashes of light. Behind me i began to hear moaning, just like the shadow people on the not so great movie ghost with patrick swayze, sounded just like them.

I began to float off of my bed and be taken towards them. I was placed back on the bed and looked up and there was a card floating there which cycled through the aces and ended up on the ace of spades. I woke up very stressed.

This wasn’t like normal though, i really was wide awake in there. Just like what im doing now, completely conscious in there.

Sometimes while falling asleep ill begin to get a tingling in the back of my head, it happens several times as i slowly drift to sleep and then all of a sudden i wake up. And there is no doubt about it you are completely conscious when this happens.

After waking up i look around and everything in the room is the same and i was even laying in the same position when i fell asleep. So after that i freak out usually and then wake up.

One of these experiences i woke up and looked around the room and everything was the same, the same movie was even playing. I freaked out and fell off of my bed and then woke up.

These are so real though it’s just like being awake.

Yeah I’ve been “awake” in dreams even in my room. There will be an alien or baphomet or shadow person standing next to my bed and they will try to strangle me.

Nothing as elaborate as what you described.

Never seen me a baphomet before. Saw me an alien and shadow person though.

Yeah for some reason they try and strangle me.

Except the aliens.