Schizophrenia without medication

Any stories of living with schizophrenia without medication


Yeah got off meds and ran around my neighborhood like a dog with rabies for a year. Was hallucinating the entire time.


Not any that don’t end in disaster for me.


I start to lose it pretty quickly with even a small dose reduction.


I did lose it quickly with a small dose reduction, just two weeks ago. Still recovering back on the higher dose.

I would like to request that someone who has been medication free successfully tell us 10 years after the fact. Then it can be believable.


I lasted a year off medicine. Was viewing a very deconstructed reality by the end of that period and was very paranoid about the deeper multiverse, moral relativity and the nature of reality by that time. Doesn’t compare to the depth of my hallucinations when I first fell ill, but it was pretty ‘bad’.

Honestly, I could have gone another year if my doctor didn’t force injections on me.

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Glad you’re recovering!

I was better after about a month on the increased dose.

Yeah, but 99.9% of them are depressing as hell with horrible endings.

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Over 15 years without meds, other than SleepMD sleeping pills.


Interesting, do you mind sharing your story?

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I have been off meds once for one year and then for 6 months
I was very energetic doing too many task in one day
I became smart again got a job in a coffee net and started doing universities students articles and researches easily even though I have not studied their courses
I was hallucinating and thinking that government was pursuing me!
that was terrible and enjoyable both


Wow I thought you had to be on meds in order to get ODSP. How did you get around that?

Even as a “high functioning” type with minimal positives, it’s by no means easy or fun. I’m still waiting for my insurance to stop being so terrible and to send my cards to the correct address so that I can go to therapy and get my meds. >:( I don’t find this livable, even for me.

The first two years of sz i didnt take meds cause on my first visit to the hospital they gave me abilify and it didnt suite me so i stopped taking them.

I was functioning in deep psychosis. I saw things that were scary. People around me saw what ooze i was under and they were scared the world is gonna end. But occasionally i got better. I even worked as a cashier at a food store. I forgot it was my time to go to work. But i worked there for months.

I found boyfriends from the street and had sex with them. Learned to smoke tobacco. The whole two years was like a friday night at a bar. Very fun. And i planted a room full of beans tomatos etc.

I only regret cutting up my pants.

NB! Was hosputalized 10 times in two years.


I been 6 months without meds after i graduated from university
I was under voices 'control they were transmitting waves that influence me to do disgusting things
I forced to return to doctor he give me meds again

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I have been off of all AP’s for a year.
I do take antidepressants to try to help quiet my mind though.

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Went 6 months mostly without AP, wouldn’t sleep for days except when i took zyprexa, I was somehow more functional then I am on meds at some points if I remember it correctly…

I was unmedicated for about 1-1.5 years. After all the atypicals caused such horrible weight gain I got angry and stopped going to the doctor.

It was miserable. I wasn’t fully psychotic enough to clearly need meds, but my life was hell. Constant symptoms, in and out of the hospital/ER a lot. Picked up by the police a couple times.

It was rough. Once I got back on meds it was life changing. I owe my life to haldol.


i went a full year without any antipsychotic and was fine generally, but then towards the end of the year I started getting paranoid and anxious again and it was making me lash out at people so i had to go back on…ugh

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