Have some one ells without meds?

can i be scz without meds, I have been already four years with no hospital, yes with simphtoms but is it count ? am 7 actually sain? so i ask, maybe I am not the only one that can live without meds

Do you hear intelligent voices?

if you have symptoms then your schizophrenic


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depends, at home no, I don’t know, I allways herd people, like thoughts or discations that no one have , not from the air like magic. if I will be in stress, I probably would hear them again

I made it a solid five years without meds.

I was more active, creative and all around more happy,

But my symptoms ruled my life.

I’m better off on them.

I think it’s only a matter of time before a schizophrenic has to go back on meds,

I suppose you could be an exception.

Just keep a real close eye on your symptoms and seek help when you need it.


Yes you can have sz and not be on meds (everyone develops the dsiorder before meds or the hole population would be on AP’s) but it isn’t often advisable.

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yes, before the First hospitalisation. I lived like super scz for seven years, I had hard, crazy life. today I’m in a Good place, with support from family, the state, I do art, guise it is helping me to be more sain

After 10 years, of the people diagnosed with schizophrenia:

  • 25% Completely Recover



oh no I am afraid to be sain. but its sturted from 21. I am 37, and still have simptoms, i don’t want to be normy

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I am schizophrenic and I am off medications.
In my experience and even from the official data, these medications are bad for cardiovascular health,
bad for metabolism and bad for overall stamina.
So I prefer to be off medications.
However, I believe the symptoms have to be contained and I use non-medicative methods to contain

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thanks, so its possible, I mean for people, thats not so odd

Yes but the odds against it being a happy ending aren’t in your favour. You should consider going back on meds.

I haven’t found anything to help me ive tried everything and now I don’t take anything… And I hallucinate in all 5 senses and haven’t seen real people in half a year again. So I don’t recommend it actually. I keep reading how alot of people on here are doing pretty well on meds because of meds… Every one is different also. Maybe your Drs could talk to you about possibilities of different plans on how to cope and deal w things w out meds?

I’m schizoaffective, and my doctors believe that I’ve been this way for the past 8 years.

I only started medication five or so months ago, and I don’t know how I lived without it.
I have had some breakthrough symptoms, but honestly… I can think clearly again, I don’t have voices shouting in my ear, I no longer have a running commentary on my actions, I no longer feel like I’m being watched, become “turned out” or disassociated with the world, etc.

So with that said, I strongly recommend getting on medication. It’s a trial and error process. The first ones usually don’t work. I know that from experience. But once you do find something that works, you’ll wonder why you went med-less in the first place (imo).

Now don’t worry, medications won’t change who you are. They won’t make you a “normie” or anything like that. I was worried about that too.

But if you’re experiencing symptoms of SZ, then you need to be treated. And the longer you go without treatment, the harder it will be for you to “come back”. And yes, that means (potentially) hardcore APs.

So please, please, please at least try medication.


Just the fact that the meds decrease relapse is enough selling point for me already.

I don’t use meds I use cognitive behavioral therapy.
I also like to connect with the Hearing voices Movement. http://www.hearingvoicesusa.org

I had sza since 2002 and in 2007 I went off meds successfully till 2012 but had to resume taking them as my sza symptoms flared up again. Since then I’ve been on meds and my symptoms come and go.

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What is so special about being sz, @Ola? It’s so much harder to accomplish anything in life with it.

I hate when people romanticize the disease. It is ■■■■!