Schizophrenia without medication


I know a guy who has bi-polar and lives without meds
also one guy who had some sort of hallucinations and delusions, never diagnosed, living and working and has a family without ever taking meds…


The thing with going off meds is that people often quickly begin to lose insight. How many of those who say they are doing ok/well off meds are actually doing so? I think there are people who think they are doing well when they’re not due to that lack of insight.


Yes, I lived for years with sza and either un medicated or on meds that did not work. It was pure hell the whole time. I was paranoid, delusional, at times hallucinating, at times manic, always depressed and suicidal, and irritable and violent both physically and verbally. I can’t tell you how glad I am those days are over.


I somehow managed five years without meds and thought I was cured although looking back i still had voices and depression sometimes.
Then I relapsed and been reliant on meds ever since.


THE SCHIZOPHRENIA WAS DRUG INDUCED. A doctor gave me dopamine enhancer drugs due to cat scan showing that my brain activity was far below normal due to 8 years of a nasty case of hypoglycemia. This triggered the schizophrenia symptoms. He said I would be back to normal after two weeks of being taken off the drug. He was wrong. He then said that he would not see people of my age bracket. He removed all data from his file that my condition was drug induced and then made sure that this info was within my GP files. This included my brothers visit to the doctor to confirm my symptoms. My brother, my father, and I, were all living in the same house to save money. So my brother had witnessed my symptoms. My brother at the time was vice president of an insurance company and later on became the assistant vice president of the AAA Insurance company. So, I am sure you can tell he is a smart guy. But all his info that he had provided was removed from my files. I then saw doctor after doctor to resolve my problems. Each doctor said that they had several patients with the same conditions and that there were both new and old drugs that worked for people such as me, but that they had to find the right drug for me. But upon second appointment, after receiving my GP file, they each immediately said that there was nothing wrong with me before any conversation had taken place. I was stunned. This went on and on from doctor to doctor. Eventually, after years had passed by, I had lost 27 pounds, I had lost hair on the left side of my head, and I had to make sure that my pants belt was good and tight since my pants would fall off now that I had become a skinny twig. Then they set me up with a doctor who said that he would give me the drugs that I needed under one condition. The condition was that I must agree that there was nothing wrong with me. Meaning, that my condition would not be put on paper such that I could sue the first doctor.

The schizophrenia drugs were the opposite of what I had needed. So they turned me into a vegetable.

I had no choice but to carry on without drugs. Thankfully, my social worker said that she had previously met scum like the last doctor before, so she said not to worry. By the time that he agreed to what my condition was, and put it on paper, I had no strength left to sue the first doctor, and they knew it.

Many years had passed by. Now I could only get sleep on an average of every 2 1/2 days. So there would be two days with no sleep, then one day of horrible sleep, then three days of no sleep. This randomly went on for many years. I looked like a walking cadaver. I had eventually lost a complete years worth of sleep.

I hope all of these doctors all rot in hell !


Yeah I hate it. I have to make maintain massive lifestyle changes to hopefully upkeep my symptoms to a level where I’m not consistently being traumatized by them and am functional. I have to sleep literally half the day away every day, and carefully organize my life to avoid anything above mild stress. Unfortunately of course that’s rarely possible so I get flare ups constantly which are extremely upsetting. Still, with my maintenance, which is like having a full time job on top of everything else in my life, I haven’t had a full blown episode in years.

I am not off an AP by choice I just keep having dangerous/terrible experiences with them that require me to go off.


I’ve been ok before in some ways off meds.


Man. That sounds like hell. I’m sorry you had to go through that.



But instead, I am 61 years old and the best I ever had was I kissed a girl once.

The doctors killed everything.


Oh my God. If only I was so close to a woman.

It would be heaven to me.


Oh my goodness! You have been through alot! And you are still here fighting! I hate doctors and medications too! Thank you for answering!



I have been listen to other music videos to try and cheer myself up.

Seriously, I wish I could have what every one else takes for granted.


My wife says that I sleep every night in bed very deep. No any sound can woke me up. I am only taking 50 mg quatipine per night.


I take medication but I have used lavender oil to help reduce some of the symptoms. I would advise someone to talk with their doctor before going off medication.