Schizophrenia but no medication

Does anyone on here have schizophrenia but are unmedicated? Whats your story?


I think @ZombieMombie just came off of them recently.

It’s frowned upon on here except I’m hearing mods are going off of them.
Things change quickly.
I’m heavily medicated.
Why don’t you say
Your story.

I tried the unmedicated route a few times. Always ended up worse or on higher doses.

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I’m on antidepressants, so not fully unmedicated. I am 2 months off my AP.

I am over 2 years out from psychosis, so my pdoc is fine with me trying to stay off APs. I did try this before and only made it 6 months before having positive symptoms and choosing to go back on an AP.

If I have even 1 positive symptom this time, it’s back to the injection for me.


My story is diagnosed schizophrenia 2 years ago at 40. I’m on abilify injections and they have helped quite abit. I think that 2 years of a relatively stress free life style also has helped. So now I question was it the high stress that caused 2 schizophrenic episodes and if so, could I manage without the antipsychotics as long as I keep my stress levels low enough?

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You could try measuring your food intake and sleep, if they’re both low you know you’re really stressed!

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I wish you all the best!

I don’t think stress got much to do with episodes, research has shown that 90% of people relapsed off medicine in two years

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tried it for . regret it because of the damage done for essentially no reason

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I’ve had two episodes of psychosis. The first triggered by stress and drugs and the second just by stress after being of antipsychotics for five months.

I’ve now reduced to 5mg Olanzapine and am hoping the same as you. That if I avoid stress a may be able to be free of the antipsychotics in the future.

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I only came out of my last episode on April 12, but have been completely symptom free since then.

I managed five months off of aps before that and crashed after reducing my antidepressants and stress at the same time.
Hoping that if I stay on antidepressants and avoid stress I may be able to make it. Feel I need to be alive again!

Hopefully it works out for you! How many episodes have you had?

Huh? How are you able to come off of AP’s?

And what do you mean out of psychosis 2 years? How do you know you’ve been out of psychosis 2 years?

Going off meds behind your doctor’s back is what’s frowned on. Going off meds with medical oversight is fine.


Because I’ve been monitored by a team. Pdoc, therapist, mental health nurse, and I have always had good insight.


How long have you been on antipsychotics? Thanks

I think 4 years.

How many episodes and or relapses have you had ?

My Dr took me off meds and I ended up nearly killing someone and myself while psychotic.

I’m not sure how many episodes over my lifetime. I was not on APs until a psychotic break in my 40s, but had delusions and erratic behavior since my teens. I was diagnosed schizoaffective at 16, but didn’t go on meds. Had ADs instead starting in my 20s.

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