Schizophrenia took my wit

No wonder i feel like my personality is non existant.
Theres no getting it back. RIP to the old me.


WhAt are u doing chris

I also think that my personality went to hell. Before, I wanted to look like my previous self, but now, I’m content to be a good person.

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I was just sitting in my car thinking the same thing. It’s sad, but oh well

My illness makes me seem so stiff and salty due to the intrusive voices.

I think we sometimes tend to be too real to the point of being negative. The old you is still in there , we just tend to hide ourselves from the illness and let it chew on the less meaningful things

it took my wit too, now on aps i think very slowly. i also find it impossible to speak or think spontaneously. prompted speaking is another matter, if i know you really well i can have something resembling a conversation. i just find it impossible to think on my feet, almost as if i had no feet at all.

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Yeah, schizophrenia took 50% of my sense of humor–now I’m only a half-wit.

But seriously, I thought medication changed my personality when I first got sick. I worried about it for a couple of years, now I don’t even give it a second thought and I actually feel more personable and well liked than before I became schizophrenic.

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I can’t even find words in regular conversation. I don’t know how I’d be witty.


I used to be pretty witty before to but hurt alot of people’s feelings.

Schizophrenia stole my wit and creativity. Medication gave it back to me.

Then I had a head injury and lost it again, but if I recovered once, I can do it again!


I feel like the medicine dulls me though. It makes me have less emotional response than before. My husband even says so. I was more personable before the meds. Just sayin…

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I never had any wit. Sza took my intelligence from me.

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