Has schizophrenia changed your personality?

I feel like my schizophrenia has totally changed my personality. I used to be really passionate, emotional, and adventurous. Now, I’m a dull, apathetic zombie. Nothing really moves me. I’m less driven by emotion and much more rational.

I also used to be a lot smarter. I was constantly thinking about and analyzing everything. All that is gone now. I’m just blank most of the time.

Another thing that is different is my political philosophy/preferences. I was always a Democrat, but I used to have some conservative impulses. Since my schizophrenic break, I don’t really “get” conservatism at all anymore. I’m much more solidly a liberal/Democrat now.

Those are just some of the changes. There are a lot more.

Anyone else feel like schizophrenia has obliterated their former personality?

i had visions since i was an child.
and was fed distrust by my parents since i was an teenager, in those teen years
i also heard voices

at least my eyes opened a bit more since i was diagnosed schizo.
and alltough im very sorry for everyone here, yet a lot fell into place

I’ve always had depression and anxiety but i was a bit more out going then i am now since my break. I don’t trust people nearly as much and my anxiety is much worse now than it use to be.

I’ve lost a lot of self confidence.

im depressed alot more

As I was 16 when diagnosed with schizophrenia it was at the stage where your personality was just forming and it was very difficult given all the criticism given to us people who suffer from schizophrenia. What I have definately be floored by is my energy levels and trying to improve this takes a lot of dedication to exercise and self development. Will write more later

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I feel like a dull zombie too. I never have anything to say but in the past it used to be alot of criticism and complaining. So maybe that is not a bad thing.

I am going to go to massage school and socialize with quiet people.


Oh yeah, I have become introverted. I was an ENTJ and often led kids and organized social things in high school, now I am an INTJ, very similar but not the leader anymore. I let other kids organize get-togethers and don’t take initiative to make social encounters as often, it takes more energy for me to do social things. I spend more time doing nothing productive, I used to be hell-bent on becoming a Navy SEAL and would exercise with all of my free time, now I just lift weights three or four times a week. I’m here watching the 56th episode in a 99 episode anime series, if that gives you any idea as to how much I’ve changed. I would be out in the cold running and would have lifted today too if I wasn’t schizophrenic, wearing a Navy SEALs t-shirt.

My personality has improved since before. Still keep to myself, though.

I am relieved to hear that someone else feels that they have a lower IQ. I was embarrassed to ask. I used to have friends, a job, school and self-esteem. I remember being a very creative and bright person. Now I isolate and am completely uninspired.

Yeah. Have you ever seen a bunch of ants marching in line touching antennas with each other as they pass by one another? I’m that odd ant that doesn’t touch your antenna. It has really formed me into a social hermit. Due to symptoms like paranoia. SZ made me have to make sacrifice. Better judgement. Where as before I was more naive. Have a good one.

I’m not certain it was SZ that changed my personality as much as just plain old age. I’ve lost my shyness and could literally care less what others think of me. No problem approaching anyone if there was a need, and Have no trouble striking up a conversation and making friends.

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Yes, and I’m glad that I don’t think like the normal boring people lol

I was so young when all this started happening I know my personality hadn’t developed yet. Even if I wasn’t SZ I wouldn’t be the same now as I was when I was 5. So maybe SZ changed my personality, maybe it was just growing up from 5 years old. I still have paranoia and I have other gifts and glitches, but I starting to feel more comfortable in my skin.

I would love not to have the motivation problems, the cognitive problems, the paranoia, the panic, the effort it takes to feel something for someone… but I hope I’m beginning to become someone I like.

There is a drug that i take on and off and i believe this drug doesn’t help with my personality.Sometimes i don’t even think i have schizophrenia.The drug i take is called Propecia,it’s for men who don’t want to lose their hair.I take it as i’m 38 and my crown is losing a bit of hair.This drug has the side-effect of depression and i have been suicidal many times while taking it.I also believe that this drug messes with my personality as i’ve been reading up about it.I don’t think schizophrenia itself has affected my personality.The best thing for me was when i finally agreed that i had schizophrenia and took an anti-psychotic all the time.Now i’m on a great drug that works for me.


I think it has before I was diagnosed at 21 I was outgoing, no problem socializing, etc. Now ppl who knew be before the sz think I’m am stuck up. I just have a lot of trouble expressing myself and responding to others. I wish it was different I miss the old me!! Luckily I have 3 close friends who understand what I am goin through and don’t hold it against me

Before age 13 I was happy and outgoing. Now I am a zombie that has no friends+disowned by family members. :zap:

LOL! I like that ant - like - u-u-u-u-uhm… - no - thank u for ur interest tho…

i haven’t actually got schizophrenia but yes my problems have changed me. i’m still a dreamer but i used to follow those dreams as i was ultra confident in my abilities. now i’m a little more introvert than i like. i used to b very outgoing, always had a boyfriend and many friends. i havent had a sexual relationship in like twelve years and i don’t go out on the lash that much. it’s good on the one hand as it saves me money but bad as i don’t socialize much. i guess when ur a single parent ur life is ur kids and that’s about it really. we’ll see what the future holds.

If schizophrenia changed my personality that i dont know, but i am sure med did, it makes me flat i look medicated, and my personality looks like i am 70yrs. Old