Schizophrenia Theory

My Mom was exposed to the Hong Kong flu through my Dad before me and my twin were born. I have a theory that my twin was either spared or not adversely affected but I was. So like the shingles virus amounts to the chicken pox virus coming back in a different form I theorize that the 1968 virus came back in the 1990’s and damaged my brain. (here’s where it gets weird) This virus must have affected auditory parts of my brain including my outward hearing, and the areas where memories of voices from the past resided and possibly used them to fight the part of the brain that is unaffected. In other words the virus still exists and the drugs I take don’t get rid of it. Just a theory.

It’s long been associated that an event in uturo like a virus may be a causal factor to sz developing. I think just based on data on winter births and prevalence of flu in certain seasons.

My understanding is it hits a genetic trigger. Something like chicken pox can come back as shingles and that can be pretty serious. I got chicken pox when I was an adult and it wasn’t easy to deal with.

Our meds work on dopamine systems. Not viral ones. I don’t think there’s anything other than the possible trigger in your theorem. Virus are pretty interesting entities for sure but not everyone has that problem…and thus…why do we basically appear as 1 % across cultures…If it was as simple as a virus we’d be much more prevalent. If it hits a genetic trigger…which could happen why the 1 %?

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Give me a cure for negative symptoms already. I don’t really care about the cause lol


Yeah, samemememe.

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Could the attractive traits of the relatives of schizophrenics’ kids be a genius with eccentric maladaptive tendencies perhaps? (I’m too lazy to look for that guy’s next lecture.) Interesting about the language tendency.

Other observations. Yes my voices sometimes said words that no one else said, and I had an imaginary sister in my 20’s rather than a young age. But there also was an overwhelming amount of words that most people say that happened so frequently that it caused me to be dysfunctional since my very thoughts were being interrupted. The voices also sounded like people in the real World who could hear my thoughts and talked about such intimate details about my past that it horrified me to no end. They also were annoyingly repetitive. I was intrigued by the tribal member who “hallucinated at the wrong time.” Good lecture but you have to actually experience it to truly know it.

I got driven so mad in my childhood that i developed sz.

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