What if the Sz means that our brain has foreign atoms

And that’s what opens up the alien connection to the elses, somehow?

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I tend to believe my schizophrenia is caused by the Norovirus. I read something about viruses and how they get into our DNA. What if we live in a simulation and schizophrenia is just a computer virus or some ■■■■?


Or then some drugs can mess up the natural set of atoms, so I have somebodies atoms that originally were not there yet. Tšernobyl could also cause that maybe?

I still think a lot of this is a simulation Tbh but i think I’m an anomaly and thats why I have schiz

Recent studies suggest that schizophrenia may be possibly caused by gut bacteria. From my understanding, it is still being researched though they have found a connection between the gut and the brain.
Also, I read a recent article that stated children born through a C-section show a difference in gut microbes compared to those born vaginally. (Important thing to mention, having a C-Section birth does not make you any less of a mother or human for that matter.)

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I’m waiting for my probiotics to arrive. Norovirus is the stomach bug that causes diarrhea and stuff. Very contagious. I believe some people told me this. I don’t know who and it doesn’t matter. It may be different for others, but it caused mine. Vaxart is coming out with a vaccine in a year or so. So maybe the underlying cause is a virus that causes bacteria or messes with the gut. Some people seem immune. Maybe genetics and immune system is involved too.

Its caused by poor food hygiene and eating ■■■■, basically.

It makes me wonder how many of us have had to deal with stomach problems pre and post schizophrenia. I know I did.

I had really bad stomach problems and so does my mom. I still do probably from energy drinks. I have diarrhea and stuff a lot.

I can partly relate to being nervous and having stomach issues too, but that doesn’t explain the communication between me and the voices.

I don’t hear voices. I have negative symptoms and delusions. The delusions come from a thought disorder.

Ok. Well I have voices + also other people talking with via MY body. That’s why all the bacteria explanations don’t do it for me really.

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