Schizophrenia spectrum and maturity?

Do you think it’s harder for people on the schizophrenia spectrum to reach an age appropriate level of maturity? If so how much does the illness affect it compared to family involvement ,ie treating you younger because you have schizophrenia?

I lived at home till I was 24. I was expected to pay for my keep as an adult would,but in other ways was treated as being much younger than my actual age.


I think in reality I matured as a person, because I went through a really hard hardship. But at the same time I’m treated like I can’t do simple tasks, also I can’t be trusted home alone. So I think internally I grew as a person, but externally I’m more like a kid.


I was 27. I already had maturity.
If the onset is in childhood or adolescence, hebephrenia for example, affects maturity


I lost all ability, interest, motivation, and desire to cook. I used to do basic healthy meals. At one time my mom didn’t trust me with the microwave and still with the stove.

I only left home at 27 and to this day I’m not independent

I was basically clueless about living as an adult when I left hospital with the person who was later to become wife. There was a house within the hospital grounds that accommodated 4 people being prepared to go into the community. It was basically fend for yourself with no support. There was a very dominant woman in her thirties whose idea of cooking was to put frozen pig’s liver in water in the oven with some minted peas. I had no idea how unsafe that was.
I was sent to do a cookery course but got kicked off after a couple of weeks. The reason? I took my time peeling potatoes and was declared uncooperative. The reality? I have poor fine motor skills and was genuinely struggling to do the peeling. To say the OT was as thick as two short planks for jumping to a quick and erroneous conclusion, rather than considering another possibility, is to put it mildly.


I feel that my maturity / adulthood has definitely been stunted.

surely trying to strike out on my own and go with the flow is teenager stuff? that is how i have spent my life
age 44 now I’m having a big maturity leap
I am getting over myself … putting compassion and positive action first etc being as loving as possible and helpful and put others first…
at least in real life
real change is happening here
the last few months
laughing all the time cutting the rubbish thoughts
sure some people have all this age 19

I was told by a woman : ’ do you know you give off this feeling of other people wanting to look after you?’

18 yrs later I think i am ready to change it

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