I'm too old and too young

I feel too old and too young at the same time.

Because of this illness, I feel like I’ve seen it all, and been through a war and more. I feel so much older then most.

Because of this illness, I haven’t learned how to cook, pay bills, and take care of myself like other adults do. I feel so much younger then most.


I think I know what you mean. In fact my wife and I were playing a game the other night, saying how old the other behaved. I told my wife sometimes she acts like a two year old, sometimes like a twelve year old, and sometimes like an eighty year old. (She’s 65). She told me I have two ages, acting like a teenager or an eighty year old.


I’m like that i think. It seems like over the years I’ve gotten both older and younger in those ways.


I feel like Schizophrenia hit me late enough in life for me to be able to handle myself pretty well. (It has stripped away my will to put on my best face, as in doing makeup and changing hairstyles) The problem that I have is with relationships. I’ve gone on 4 dates with this guy and he says, “duh” to a question that I had. (It was a general small talk question, not an intellectual challenge) If I wanted "duh"I’d just take out my 7 year old brother. I don’t know how to break up with a guy properly. Which I need to with this one, because there hasn’t been any clicking in the conversational sphere or otherwise.

I got hit with my first full blown SZ break when I was around 19 to 20 years old. This is where I am now emotionally - at 19 20 years old. It seems like I am stuck there, my emotional growth was stunted and is frozen in time. I behave younger than my age - I have been through a lot and am wiser for it, but emotionally immature

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Schizophrenia adds a decade of wisdom and emotional maturity to your age, I find. I was an arrogant buff and handsome 18 year old who breezed through school to go workout and smoke pot afterwards. Now I am humbled by experiencing hell and find more respect for other people and am not arrogant anymore. I was sort of a brat, now I feel like im 30, but im actually 20.

:boom: There is it, stunted emotional growth.

I feel like I’m where most 18 years olds are. Just getting their head out of the sand and growing up. It doesn’t matter how much book wisdom I try to get. Emotionally I feel 10 years younger then I actually am.

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Now’s a good time to learn all those things!

It’s pretty bad when you have to use pimple cream and wrinkle cream at the same time.


you seem pretty wise to me SurprisedJ and i think you have a good grasp on life, and your illness…
’ normal ’ people find it hard to grasp the tasks of relationships, cooking, bills (budgets) .
take care

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I feel like I’ve matured after going through so much suffering, but have barriers and limitations in my life (like conversations and doing normal things) than my normal friends do

yeah i get this, i have been told i do not act my age, probably how my classmates liked me so much,
i like being younger mentally, it was just a shame i missed all of those years to illness

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Dear lord march wass long I ccould not manage it. Thank you lord.

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I feel young although I am soon 47 years old. I listen music meant for people who are in their teens or 20s. Maybe it is because I have no children of my own, so I was not able to create my own family as people normally do. Many people at my age have children in their 20s or, at least, in teens. Years just have passed so quickly. But I am happy with myself.