Schizophrenia Persuasive Essay

Hey everyone! I have some questions for all of you. Answer one or all anything would help. :slight_smile: I need to write a persuasive essay for a class, and I was thinking of doing it on schizophrenia, but I need to figure out what a good topic might be. Also, would it be a wise topic for me to choose in the first place? Or would my classmates see me differently after my speech? My ideas for topics so far (still need to figure out how to make them persuasive):

  1. Mental illness and a link to creativity
  2. Schizophrenia misconceptions/stigma
  3. Or something completely different and more fun! :smiley: Like the pen is mightier than the sword, coffee is better then tea, fairy tales are good for children. Things kinda like that.
    Anyway, this became longer than I anticipated, sorry! Like I said, any help would be appreciated.

I have a presentation on stigma and schizophrenia and got an A. I told them to imagine a schizophrenic first thing and then told them that I had it at the end, debunking their misconception of what a schizophrenic is like.


Sz could make a good topic choice. It’s certainly deep and complex and there is a lot of information out there. And you have us here. If you talk about stigma then at least you might make them feel bad if they traditionally take to the stigma.

I don’t think there is a good link between sz and creativity. Our minds are different, sz work muggy come of as eccentric and unique.

You could say there are two kind of sz. Those who have sz and those are had by sz. Then you could go into how to properly help each type and get them to accept they need help. That’s a completely difficult process in some cases.

That’s a lot to present and your not even talking about the broad range of of positive and negative symptoms that people experience.

You could talk about what to watch for or maintains mental health in general.

Just try to encourage them to have a heart some of are suffering.

Good luck.

Aren’t there rules against posts like this?

Yes, but they aren’t very well enforced.

What’s wrong with posts like this?

I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of that… what’s the problem with this post?

Is your class on psychological disorders?

If not what is the course you are taking?

What is your reason for choosing a mental illness as your topic?

There were rules designed so we don’t get pumped for info from students writing essays and doing school projects. I can’t find a relevant post but it’s been a long standing policy.

How about how the atypical medications make life so much better for sz’s.

I would do it on creativity and memory gifts in people with schizophrenia, bipolar, and autism and show how they relate directly to their disorders.

What kind of presentation it is? I mean which subject it is for? It depends if the mental capacity of your class mates is enough to grasp the knowledge about the illness. It certainly is a good subject and perhaps you’d like to focus on some facts and figures. Like what’s the percentage of men and women who have this. What are possible reasons, types, popular delusions, role of technology in helping the people, role of technology in amplifying the delusions, how does it feel when you constantly hear noises and don’t have any control over it etc.

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Also the OP may also be diagnosed. We do have members that are both diagnosed and in school doing projects on mental illness.

Yeah, I couldn’t really find anything specific about this. Maybe it was mentioned on the old forums but even at that I’m not sure it was officially a rule.

This post isn’t too bad but there have been times in the past when kids have come in asking all sorts of questions. It’s easy to get the feeling that we’re being put on display when that happens.