Presentation on psychosis

For a class, I have to produce a presentation in which I speak for approx, 4 minutes. I was allowed to do this on a topic of my choice and decided to do it on psychosis. Does anyone have any ideas for general topics I can talk about in this, references I can use, places I can go for information etc. I’ve figured that I definitely want to cover the definition of psychosis and also stereotyping related to it.
Thank you.

Oh what sort of class is it?

English language.

Good topic yeah stigma is a good one to talk about. Since you have sz it should be easy to talk about but try not to make it tooooo personal.

Yeah, that’s what my English teacher told me as well. As far as being personal, I’ll probably only go as far as using examples for things I’m saying based off of my own experiences. Like 'common things for this are ‘thing1’ ‘thing2’ and personally, for me, it’s ‘thing’.

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It varies so much from person to person, you would benefit from just getting the delusions and hallucinations and disordered thinking in there. Research “disordered thinking” and read about the different types on google.

Remember that 4 minutes is actually quite a short time so you’ll want to be pretty specific and concise in whatever topic you’re discussing. Good luck with your presentation! :relaxed:

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