Schizophrenia on the rise due to marijuana use

Sometimes I don’t like how weed makes me feel like things are alright, even when it’s not.

Like oh snap I don’t have money left, but I’m gonna buy more weed to make me feel alright…

Like I can’t pay the rent now… but then smoke and forget about it…

Like when an athlete trains all their life to compete in olympics.

That day comes and got accepted.

Then drug test, then boom your dream got taken away

there are a lot of things that can induce, trigger, or bring out schizophrenia I think. I was on anti-depressants for years and they made my schizophrenia worse but almost indistinguishable because i was labeled schizoaffective. My first label prior to drug use was paranoid schizophrenia. I got off the antidepressants and xanax and started smoking weed regularly. It seemed to get rid of the voices and hallucinations. Read somewhere that medical marijuana can re-wire and regulate the neuronal transmission of dopamine. so thats why I started smoking spec. to cure the schizophrenia…

I think I fooled myself though. It may have helped a tiny bit but only when done regularly like taking a medication. Once i stopped I am too sensitive now, and If I smoke it makes my muscles ache and I feel dysphoric I start giggling and am more niave or prone to believing what people tell me.

I used to smoke weed and watch talk shows all the time in like 2014-2015 it was really unhealthy…

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Thats what I wanna try some kind of THC medication. I think it would help with anxiety etc. and be more effective not 100 percent sure.

What is spec. You smoking spec. Never heard of it???

I have a medical cannabis card. I dunno what it does chemically exactly but it helps me relax when I do it in moderation.

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spec? I may have abbreviated for specifically lol

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