Schizophrenia on the rise due to marijuana use


Here its legal and the government put a warning on weed products about causing or worsening sz:


i was gonna post that CNN article. u beat me to it.

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I smoked marijuana 3 times before sz and it gave me temporary psychosis for 1 day but I imagine it would cause sz for those with a genetic predisposition if they smoke a lot. I dont think it caused sz in my case as I only tried it 3 times before sz and I was back to psychosis free normal during the 2nd day of smoking it.


I smoked weed for years, not everyday or anything, but on weekends partying with friends, in high school and University, I never had a psychotic experience in all that time. My first psychotic experience occurred when I was in my mid 20’s. However, smoking pot for all those years could have slowly been leading up to that point, I don’t know if that is what caused my psychosis. I don’t smoke pot anymore.


WOW thats very smart of them.

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i think my first psychotic episodes were related to marijuanna use. i used to come home from smoking and trip extremely hard and write essays and stuff lol soon after i got sick

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that’s how i got mine!

diabetes and heart disease on the rise, due to use of sugar


I used to think my lsd use caused my illness because I am the only one in my family…my pdoc assured me that I could trip a million times and not get sz same with pot smoking…drugs ascerbate how much sooner you will become sick but doesn’t cause it…and I smoke weed about twice a week…never can afford it anyways…


I started smoking pot at age 17. My soon to be husband introduced me to it and we smoked it often and I always got either psychotic or mood swings from it.

Then, I got married and had my son and my husband wouldn’t allow pot around me or our son after that.

Fast forward 7 years and I got a divorce and moved to another state with our son where I began partying at the lesbian clubs every other weekend. Pot and alcohol was always involved. I had this kind of life for the next 20 years after which I quit toking.

Now, I take Delta 8 THC, the legal stuff, in edible, chocolate form, every night. It helps me sleep and it doesn’t get me high.

Delta 8 THC is the only form of pot that I’ve ever paid for my whole long life.

Do you find thc helps with the negatives of schizophrenia?

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It doesn’t seem to have any effects on negatives good or bad.

They need to put cbd in the high thc strains for people who don’t like to get too high. Isn’t cbd neuro protective?

So is diabetes, heart disease, hyper/hypotention, etc…all due to the rise of several human lifestyles

I smoke weed for 25 years with some pauses. After alone clomipramine for 14 days i get psychosis ( muscarinic receptors?) with psychotic mania ( serotonin schizophrenia, everyday hallucinations) . After clomipramine , marihuana sometimes causes extra psychosis. Even if i dont smoke i have normally psychosis every week or two. I split psychosis for normal without blackout: amitryptylinie, marihuana and strong with blackout: clomipramine, biperiden. Taked with risperidone psychosis after marihuana are weak, my normal psychosis are stronger. Marihuana causes me more responsible, decrasses mania and depression.

Fake news


Most of mine were, “you smoked how much weed? Well, no wonder.” The link between weed and SZ is very well documented now, especially for those who use under age twenty-five while their brains are still in final stages of development. It’s definitely an environmental trigger. Also starting to look like it does reduce IQ as well when used chronically over time.

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I’ve smoked weed everyday for almost 25 years.

My symptoms started way before I touched cannabis.

It’s always helped me relax and enjoy life a little more.

Which is a nice relief.

It also keeps me from doing real drugs, drugs that are truly addictive and life ruining.

Also worth mentioning that I’ve gotten a degree and held down several high pressure jobs in my field, all on cannabis.

I don’t think it hindered me or has made my IQ drop.

It’s still a big risk for some people and should be taken seriously.

I just hate seeing weed getting trash talked on the forum all the time.

There are people here that it helps, a lot.

Only we’re not allowed to be as vocal.


I think my lsd use triggered my psychosis too

Well it wasn’t the lsd but that I mixed it with alcohol, massive amounts of cannabis and had a horrific thing happen to me during a trip

The diagnosis thing throws me off a bit because

I definitely had mental illness before lsd, which I was self medicating with lsd. But lsd is dangerous if in the wrong set/setting they always say and that’s what happened to me. It would’ve been helpful had I been more cautious to me.

I do believe my horrific trip triggered my psychosis

Like some others say marijuana is a great relief. Currently I’m fortunate cuz my mom holds onto my cannabis. And gives it to me now .2 grams every 2 days at 7 pm on the second day.

It’s not ideal for me to smoke cannabis all day or even every day. And maybe I’m lucky I have an understanding mom who will divvy it up right for me.

When I was in Olympia Washington and it was legal I bought a joint per week and it was good.

Now I want it more than that. But not by much.

When I get “too high” these days I call it “psychedelic high”. It’s no good. I get depressed afterwards. It makes my brain overworked.

That’s why it’s important for me to limit it.

Balance helps me. I’m not encouraging anyone to find a balance. But for me too little weed I get panicked. Too much I get depressed. But just right its greatly medicinal.

So it’s ideal for me what I am doing rn. That’s all.