Schizophrenia: Nurture cannot overcome nature

Trauma is said to triple risk to develop schizophrenia.

People with dissociative identity disorder can hear voices (the other identities can talk to the host, and to each other, as voice hallucinations). And:

“DID is associated with overwhelming traumas, or abuse during childhood. In about 90% of cases, there is a history of abuse in childhood.”

So apparently childhood trauma can trigger psychosis (at least in the form of auditory hallucinations).

Having said that, I don’t believe in the psychological connection between trauma and hallucinations. The voices/identities can play “protectors” (as is in the case of DID), harassers (in the case of schizophrenia), or whatnot, but I don’t think the trauma psychologically causes voice hallucinations.

The occurrence of the schizophrenia causing unexampled trauma for the person which lead to kill oneself,other or death by mistake throughout the first days

When you see,hear,touch and perceive the things be called Hallucinations inside your psychological world , and find that there is no way to escape from it ,and you feel the realistic trauma alone , you will know that it is a moment from the hell inside your self without end

All things facts about what is ID of the hallucinations or the phonetic thoughts ( voices in common knowledge ), remain unknown

For example, can you imagine the mental mechanisms that be used to transformation the phonetic thoughts (voice) from the emitter (hallucination) to the perception of the receiver (person) ?

If hallucinations say a sentence
-If he says You do
This is the action and the reaction
(If he says you will think,his saying become your own thoughts )
you have 2 options,repeating what he says or make self-defense to block your mind from repeating the received sentence

For your knowledge,the energy that drives a phonetic idea (voice) said by the hallucination is greater than the energy that a human being can expend while he is sitting / standing in the absence of movement, to a degree that it induces the organic body to change its position or moving the tongue to pronounce the prompt sentence (to speak the commanded sentence)

The self-defense is not easy as you think,specially the hallucination have the full ability to saying new sentence every 3 seconds all time of waking and you will lose an amount of your energy for just listening to each phonetic thought !

You and most of you saying voices,while it is not voices in nature at all , because they act as powerful thoughts more than the natural thoughts

Armchair scientist: This is really interesting. Methionine and choline are metabolically related. Has anyone tried feeding these mice large amounts of choline to see if the behavior of the mice or their pups can be rescued?

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The manufacture of schizophrenia condition in the lab chemically,and its packaging in capsules to claim that it creates schizophrenia in an animal and human.

It raises many questions about the lack of seriousness of the scientific research,especially the research depend on the premise that animal loses the ability to return the burrow after subjecting to the effect of chemical drug (whatever its name),and taking this as a title for the invention of schizophrenia health condition or its symptoms chemically

It is a matter of promoting chemical toxins that serve lovers of human torture for sadism or criminal purposes -nothing more

  • if you pass all the risk stages,sz becomes a thing of torment neither kills nor makes you live like the rest of human beings ,remain in permanent complaint

The writer of scientific story or the theory assumes a series of internal / external events and processes that occur according to what is expected / imagined that consistent with his personal knowledge of the mechanisms that control the emergence of the pathological phenomena in the human being

While sz needs to assume a series of new events and processes that are previously unknown and unconsistent with the mechanisms that control the genesis of human phenomena
Because,there is no human phenomena (known to mankind) that resembles the sz in form / subject ,the nature ,cause and mechanisms …etc