Schizophrenia linked to weed use

I get instant psychosis even from 2 puffs. And i was regular weed smoker before sz


I admit I was kind of against marijuana use in the past because I was ignorant about it.

I now see how it’s helping my elderly father from his chronic pain and I’m now a believer in its medicinal properties.

His pain management doctor prescribed it to him.

He’s cutting out pain meds like Tylenol because of the cannabis.

Drugs like Mobic and Tylenol are toxic.

No ones died of a cannabis overdose.

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I take CBD from hemp, a plant related to cannabis. It’s extremely low in THC, so it doesn’t get me high or trigger psychotic symptoms. It really helps with my chronic pain, although it’s expensive.


You’re young and still in the denial phase I’m sure. You’ll come around. Everyone does.


I don’t think it has to do with being a weed hater. You obviously have a good experience with it and that is fine, however others do not have a good experience. You can’t make a blanket statement weed is good or weed is bad, it is individualistic. My brother says he is addicted to weed, others say they are not, but he has been smoking every day, several times a day for over a decade, and he gets crabby without it.


Oy vey.

Sorry you seem to understand so little about addiction and cannabis.


I was very addicted to weed. It was much harder to quit than cocaine, which I also got addicted to. I got physical withdrawal symptoms. But the psychological addiction was the worst part.

I do think for most people it’s not extremely addictive, though.


What happened when you stopped using cannabis?

cannabis is all a load of dried horse poop hehe

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I started sweating a lot, couldn’t get much sleep and the sleep I got was very poor, got extremely irritable, got headaches, couldn’t eat, and got very very strong cravings. That only lasted a few days, but that’s also pretty standard for a lot of drugs. The psychological addiction was worse. I had many failed attempts at quitting or reducing how much I used.

I also started using daily when I was 16, and continued for approximately 10 years, so that might have made the addiction worse for me.

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I thought some squidgy black might be the devils poop when I was stoned once. I can’t smoke cannabis anymore - instant psychosis - but I did enjoy it when I could. I think drink turns more people into stupid, loud and violent morons when they overdo it but weed has the potential to trigger psychosis in those susceptible if abused.

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Glad it only lasted a few days.

When I was on drugs, I had to be hospitalized during withdrawal and go to rehab.

It was probably a solid year before I was okay again.

Maybe I hold that comparison and it makes me biased.

Not even trying to be argumentative, but I honestly can’t imagine cannabis addiction or withdrawals.

I guess it’s just not my experience or the experience of almost everyone I know.

But it’s got to be possible.


thank you @anon54386108 for what you say about cannabis…every time I post on threads like these it gets flagged…

It’s not over yet.

My comments may still be flagged.


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in before the lock

Yeah I don’t think cannabis is as addictive for most people as it was for me. And withdrawal symptoms vary in duration a lot based on which drugs you use and how heavily you’ve used them. Cocaine is also typically just a few days. Even heroin withdrawals don’t typically last that much longer, actually. But of course they’re much worse. Also, some people can have complicated withdrawal effects from drugs that can last longer.

If you don’t mind me prying,

What do you think made you so addicted to weed?

Was it the routine of using or because you enjoyed it so much?

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Some people are more prone to addiction than others. Lots of people are able to have a glass of wine and quit. I basically quit drinking when I pass out. I’ve been off weed for nearly thirty years and the cravings when I smell it are so bad I want to rush out and buy some. We’re talking cold sweats here. Def a problem for me.


Weed is also a gateway to hardcore drugs. It started with me “only weed mixed with teat to smoke” then started mixing with tobacco, good hooked on cigarettes, later on tried molly, cocaine, shrooms lsd. Before i was heavy antidrugs even held mt breath while walking by a smoker

I totally believe you and @anon9798425,

It just seems so odd.

I suppose for some it has more of an impact.

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