Schizophrenia is actually a funny illness

I find it extremely funny especially some of the paranoid delusions that people get.

I remember this one guy in hospital refused to go outside without his sunglasses cause he thought there was a sniper after him.

I even laugh at some of the delusions ive had in my life. They so random and funny.


I once sat in a hospital garden with a guy waiting for aliens to take us away :alien:


Sometimes when someone finds out im Sz or if i tell them then i make a grrr sound and jump at them. Its pretty funny


There was a guy in the psych ward that dressed up the pillows and spoke to them like they his children


I told a guy I thought I was an alien and he was a robot. I was like “you probably think I’m crazy”. He stared for 2 seconds and was like “no I don’t think you’re crazy” in the most serious neutral tone I’ve ever heard.

He was good at being nice I guess


I remember as a teen thinking fairy’s had taken over the back yard, so I brewed a potion of special herbs and held a ritual to banish them.

I Always laugh about that one


I was so bad at one point I thought I was the target of a conspiracy and I thought my pets were even in on it.

Maybe funny now but it wasn’t then. I was freaked out.


My old psych ward roommate used to have conversations about me with his voices, then tell me about it and ask if it sounded crazy. I told him it did and he said he’ll tell the doctor lol

I was convinced I was the real author of the Harry Potter books and that J.K. Rowling had stolen the ideas out my mind.

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I don’t agree. I don’t think sz is funny. I think OCD is hilarious though. Until you live with someone with a bad case of OCD. Then, it’s not funny anymore.

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i think back at some of my things (that i can remember) and i think man that was stupid, i was just a stupid messed up guy with a head full of ■■■■, thats why i need meds, bc my head is full of ■■■■

I can laugh at my past. However when I’m in the middle of it its not so funny

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Thinking that the CIA was after me was pretty stupid…

When I was going somewhere at night with my dad driving and I was in the passenger seat I thought all the drivers in the ongoing cars would see me and put on their high beams. It made me mad and I would get very agitated. I ran with that for quite awhile with my dad telling me I was imagining it.

WTF? A high beam conspiracy? A gang of high beam plotters? The world of Chevrolet and Ford headlight flashers concentrated on me?
That crap seemed real to me for quite a few months.

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In the early days of my ‘telepathy’ I thought this guy could see me and was sending vibrations to my p* while he was m*ing and I thought he was doing that to play with me so I would feel that for hours and be talking to him in my head saying all sort of stuff. Thinking about it now I was just laying there, hallucinating, playing with myself like a pervert! How insane! Now I ignore him, don’t get that feeling and know I’m not telepathic. But pretty funny to think of now all the nasty ■■■■ I thought and did to absolutely no one and for absolutely no reason. That stuff embarrasses me now.

i do not think it is. and honestly, i don’t think my previous delusions are stupid. they may be untrue but they were not formed out of stupidity. and honestly, if you tell yourself you’re stupid, you may remove your intuition and become stupid from just that. you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy with your delusions, but i also don’t think you should dismiss then.


I found what I thought when I was psychotic embarrassing but not really very funny.

Well I am most certainly not stupid, but that doesn’t believe that none of my delusions were. Like seriously? The ghost of my living classmate is watching me to see if I look at porn? Come on, that’s a little funny…

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I sort of chuckle at my first inpatient stay where I told the crisis counselor that I was dead. Somehow me walking around wasn’t a big clue for my fractured but whole brain. Most of my delusions have been somatic in nature.

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Until I had insight into my illness it was very scary. Things only get comical when I am on my medication and know not to listen to or obey the requests of the voices. They voices are evil and only try to screw me up. My delusions however are silly nonsense like thinking Slash is stalking me. LOL