Do you find the humour is psychosis

Before you swear at me,

Do you ever look back at some of the stuff you have done and laugh about it. I find it hilarious !

Why do people always say : " this illness is not a joke its not funny " and actually scare people by saying that. We should laugh about it, show people its not this crazy deadly mass murdering illness !

People with SZ get so befoked about any joke you make about SZ. whyyyyyyyyyyyy

I happily tell people some of the stuff i did when in psychosis or delusional around the braai, have a good laugh. You will be suprised at how easily people will understand this illness if you both smiling about it



I laugh at the crap I did all the time, and its usually only to amuse me.


I joke about it a lot of times. It’s like when you have the disease yourself your kind of allowed or entitled to joke about sz and psychosis. I joke to myself and to people I have confided in that I have the disease sometimes.

Not many know though. Like at work only one person knows so I wouldn’t joke about it there.

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Thank you…,

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I think most schizophrenics harbour a dark sense of humour about their condition - cos some things we do, do make us laugh. Its better than getting upset about it.


My psychosis coincided with the release of a Hunger Games sequel(forget which one.

But in one of them Woody Harrelson says to Katniss Everdeen that being well liked is important etc.

So I was going out to get smokes and trying to entertain or be funny, but those stores deal in volume of customer, so they are too unreceptive or not in any mood for it, still I tried real hard for weeks. Kinda funny in parts!!

Sort of


Whoops … the ‘sort of’ thing at the end there was from a different shard of thought.

It’s not that funny that I thought I was competing for ‘my head’ with others out there.

But you see, the movie helped ‘loosen or dislodge’ some paranoia… It felt like it was sticking up for me just m by being released and with the timing of the release.

It felt like it was saying about me:A. I wasnt alone in the persecutory feelings and B. that people worse than me were ‘out to get me’. And to watch for entertainment.

The sorrow about it though is that the movie was important enough to me; and the thoughts only came from within. From me.

But surely for my faults and flaws, I’m not capable of orchestrating something like all of that.

Just hard on myself but I think we all have this issue in accepting our voices and delusions. They do come from within.

Gotta tell myself all I’m guilty of is taking in a movie.


This is all why I don’t care for the word: ‘Projection’ so much.

I think it’s unfair to hear especially when you are schizophrenic.

I make jokes about my psychosis often on my blog and no one comments anything rude back to me. I share the sz memes from this site because I find them hilarious and they tell our story well. Fortunately because of my medication my hallucinations are not bad lately. I thought I saw Jay Z and Beyoncé drive past me yesterday. My unmedicated psychosis had a few comical moments, looking back, but they were outnumbered by frightening and tragic moments.

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I thought of some crazy stuff that I can look back on and laugh a little but that took a while

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