What are funny things about psychosis?

I know it isnt nice to have psychosis but i wanted to make sz meme. I already thought of positive symptoms, negative and cognitive. And also medication

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Sz is not funny at all …


I have a schizophrenia t shirt that says, “don’t be paranoid, you look great!”

There was another shirt that said, “it’s not a delusion, you really are awesome!”


Hahah i made some memes can you make me a member for a few minutes so i can upload it then set my status to new user back? I would be very pleased

Definitely not. But I’m happy you have a creative outlet.

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It would probably be funny in a vindictive way of relishing in the dismay of your enemies. If you were really that petty.

Why not you can set me back easily right?

What part of “NO” don’t you understand?


You are missing out a lot of fun

Good reason mod

Well, when you’re delusional and decide to obey the voices and commit suicide by taking the largest bottle of pills you can find … and then you wake up next to an empty bottle of Flintstones Chewables the next day…

It’s actually kind of funny. In hindsight, anyhow.


Hey pixel i am thinking of starting therapy …soon … my condition is not very good…

I think it is funny that I used to think that I was Florence Nightingale. I think it is funny that my piano teacher thinks he is Mozart. I am laughing my butt off.

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When you can tickle yourself, hang out with your spirit friends (real friends are so unreliable), cracking jokes with them at 2am.

@velociraptor with post of the week material!

I agree with pixel. Delusions are funny things. They can make someone forget themselves. I like to remind myself of my nickname.