Schizophrenia Didn’t Stop Me from Having a Career That I Love


This is my motto in life, one of them, don’t let this psychosis condition stop me from doing what I love.

There was a time when I believed to lower my expectations.

But my attitude has changed; with some modifications I can still be and do what i love


What happens when none of the activities you love are realistically lucrative?
Like, in highschool I used to love solving my science homework. I could do it for others now but my ethics prevent me.
At university I played trivia games all day every day instead of attending most classes.
During the same time and for a few years after, I was really into reading Japanese manga and anime.
Right now there isn’t a thing that has me hooked. I find some pleasure in reading and playing games but again not something to make a career out of. Especially since I only read what I want and I put down most books after only a few pages.

I might go back to my career in IT though. Currently studying Python for Data Science.
But it’s not a passion. Just a realistic option to put food on the table.

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Well it did for me and more, I cant even work at jobs I hate, I cant work at all.


Yeah same I wish I had the person in the articles body chemistry


Cant say I have a career currently, but I love my job. I can use what I’ve learned through my journey of recovery to support others through theirs

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It also doesn’t stop you from having a career that you don’t love.

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Should you really pitch yourself at an interview?

At a school interview
I was asked If I’m

A perfectionist.
I said I think I
But not anymore.
Didn’t get that job.