Professional Ambition and Career Paths


Quick question: diagnosed with schizophrenia 5+ years ago, left treatment as did not believe it was correct and have been fine since then. No recurrence. Anyone else in this category? How do you feel and do you feel satisfied with your career path? Your life?

P.S. I had also been diagnosed with OCD and then ADHD in years prior. However, I think these diagnoses were overly ambitious and we’re not effective or helpful for support-purposes. Have been without symptoms of these for many years.


Hi, good for you.
How has your self esteem been? Are you socI ally active? Are you maintaining a position as an employee? How well do you do with the oppI site sex?
I have been diagnosed with sz 4 years ago and left my meds twice and ended hospitalised, today I am having a new career resumption expected within a month at a large group of companies, why I was curious to read your thread. Again, good luck with your life.


good on you
take care :alien:


Yes. Socially fairly good. Obtaining an education. Married. Feel very fortunate. Thank you for the well wishes. Peace



    The reading I've done, for example Torrey?, suggests to me that many schizophrenics follow your path, and most of them never show up again in any mental health study.

     My doctor thought I might have recovered from schizophrenia, so he took me off all meds after six years on them.   I became very sick, which was life-threatening.



Good for you anony,I suggest that you shouldn’t remind yourself of your mental diagnosis and just forget about it,i mean don’t comeback and look forward,may I ask why were you diagnosed with sz??