IS your dream job impossible because you're schizophrenic?

I don’t really know what my dream job is, but I’d like to try to learn gun smithing. I’m ex military, too-BUT is my dream job impossible because I’m schizophrenic? I dunno.

I was wondering if any of you have an idea that you can’t get out of your head but schizophrenia keeps you from making the idea come true?


I want to become a psychologist. Schizophrenia has prevented me from reaching that goal but I have not given up. It will take a lot of hard work but I think I can do it.


I dream of becoming a speech therapist. I still think I can do it if I really try, but I’m not sure I want to put the work in. My hesitation isn’t so much because of my schizophrenia, it’s more that I don’t want to spend three years in school accumulating debt.


Actually not schizophrenia, but my self destructive behavior. I wanted to be a doctor but didn’t believe that I could, so I sabotaged myself.

Right now, inspired by @mortimermouse and @anon9798425, I want to go back to college to study psychology, focused on development in children with disabilities.

I wanted to go back this year to study to be a teacher, but I would need to work 5 years with regular kids so I could then take my masters in special ed and I didn’t want that. But, the school was too expensive, I didn’t want my mom to pay for it, and I kinda gave up on it.


My dream job is cookery.i finished 2 cookery school at australia and i m planning to study 2 year cookery school in my country while i m working as a school attendant.for now its too far away to be cook because i hopefully work 10 years as a school attendant but after 10 year i can have early retirement.after 10 years later i will be 45 years old.maybe that time i can be qualified cook.i don t think this illness taking my dream job from me.because my only limitations is my willing instict.if i want to make something i can be done


My dream job is impossible because of a severe back injury. Can’t physically meet the demands of being a chef. Doesn’t stop me from messing around in my own kitchen or sharing my love of cooking with youth as a volunteer instructor.


My dream job would be a writer for the Oscars. Something happens on stage…a miscue…or strange comment. Then they break for commercial.

I’d lurve the thrill of sitting backstage with a group of writers like @Nomad or @77nick77 or @turningthepage to try to come up with a killer line for the emcee in one and a half minutes when the show returns from break.


I dont think so. I am now learning computer science in college. That would be my dream job. I will study masters degree when i finish my bachelor.


I’m a 16 year old mma fighter and hope to do well at that :slight_smile: schizophrenia rarely effects my performance and never effected it during competition. I won my 1st proper fight and won’t be allowed to fight again until next year due to new rules on age :confused: Hope all of you continue to get closer to completing your goals :slight_smile:



We should start an MMA website together…

I own a domain name called You would be the information guy as I know very little about this sport.

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hahaha that sounds cool :slight_smile: I don’t have any experience with websites though

I’ve owned this domain name for years…not sure what to do with it.


i think i want to be a support worker of some kind :slight_smile:


Hi spooky i m try to learn c++ language but i feel that i have cognitive impairment due to drug that i is your cognitive abilities.which drug are you using and are you consider that you are good at computer programming despite to your drug that you used?

My cognitive abilities are good. i use xeplion 100 mg.I think i can be good in computer programming just need to study it as much us i phisically can. in some lessons i am better then someone other lesson for exsample logic seems very difficult. But most normies that i s studying with me dont understand that subject too.At first i was scared how will i gonna learn mathematics but everything for now is ok. I am studying now xhtml and css in and i understand everything what it says… I think i will be ok and in C++ , java, and other stuff… I am studying better then i was before in my school and maritime academy witch i hated and was smoking weed and didn’t understand anything…1 Year before i was on respiridone it was difficult to read…i was very annoyed when reading or doing something…I think i had more negative symptomes with respiridone. I was entered before year in the same college with respiridone and went out after first week becouse i thought i couldn’t do my homework and feel anxious near other people…But after hospitalised months after xeplion injection i started reading everything normal…Everything ok with studying for me just little harder couse i get tired faster becouse i drink pills for sleeping and i sleep not all days good…

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Thats wonderful new for you can learn with xeplion.because i also use 75mg xeplion but it seems my cognitive impairment not from the drugs but from illness i think.i can understand what i learn but i can not process to different situations.

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I do what I love mostly. I still think I might land an indi record deal someday… Maybe… I don’t care about the money tho… If I could get pro quality recordings I’d be stoked but in the meantime I work on my own mixes


I think your cartoons add an extra oomph to your music…the two together makes it real cool


I think my dream job would have been acting - but i’m so bad at it it’s unreal… my second chance to get into theatre only happened recently -
with a bit more know how, i could have written better, more wide reaching plays
as it is i write plays and engage with people from other groups to put my plays on, so far loosely or tightly linked to mental health: Dream - job “a la Schizophrenia”

I was going to do an english degree, i would have done it with a masters in play writing or drama

Got here the long way round

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Ty sir… Its a comical angle :grinning: I couldn’t make music go far with my mug so I use a furry caveman as a front man to get more views lol…

I also will want to make funny episodes