Schizophrenia but no medication

Thank you. So only one major psychotic break. I’m hoping to come off medication but had two major episodes.

I didn’t say one. I am not sure about others before the last because I don’t remember.

Okay, that gives me more hope. Hopefully it works out for you.

So does anyone here think myself or EARS can come off of medication successfully?

That’s not up to us. We have no way of knowing. You have to talk to your pdoc and taper.

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True 1515151515

I am still mad at that pdoc eventhough he died. He shouldn’t have let me come off meds as I was doing good on Abilify back then doing 5courses/semester in university and having good grades. Now I am bed bound on risperdal and even on Abilify I wasn’t as good as before stopping meds.

I wish I could go back in time.


That’s what I wish all the time! Wouldn’t have taken drugs that triggered the psychosis that night and I’d be fine now.

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Just imagine how bad it could have been if you went off meds on your own.

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