Schizophrenia as a hormonal disease

although lots of people don’t like to think about thisbut somehow it could be related I have been getting shots now 40 year with some and quite frequent pain with my fworse ng things down the mapping things a bit I discovered that on the 6 day of my shop for fibromialgia was so I asked the doctor to take me off of my shop for two weeksweeks I had discoveredthat the pain was less and the side effects were less from my psychiatric medicine then when I was on the shop but my sex drive was completely down my muscle tone was weakening Andover general fatigue was setting in so why not consider this a hormonal disease I wonder what the connections are when first diagnosed whether the deterioration of the brain matter what subject did to the loss of testosterone or the fact

Kinda hard to understand you but it seems you are say that you are 40 and off some kind of med so you are saying that correlates with loss of sex drive because lower testosterone levels?

Well first if the lack of meds is making you incoherent tell your pdoc and about being 40 and having lower testosterone? that happens to dudes that have a perfect chemical balance in the brain also.

I believe sz people are born with it and hormonal development or disruption of hormones in some way could bring it out if it was previously latent or intensify the symptoms if they are already present as my mental state seems to have deteriorated over the course of my life and around 13 or so is when it really took off .I think puberty played a roll in that.

voice typing suck don’t it but no.

maybe there is a double gene that is set off at the age of 13 that rapidly develops too much testosterone causing widespread hammock on the other parts of the bodyand psychosis is nothing more estrogen or testosterone depending on whether you are male or female having too much at one present time

I think when your hormones are changing ( as they naturally do all through your life ) it causes all kinds of things to act up, or even straighten out.
Maybe your body is going through some normal changes-I would ask the doctor for sure.


I wish it were so simple to ask a doctor. As if they could help . . .


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