Schizophrenia around the world - Hidden Pictures, a new film


but when i click the video i get send back to the default home page, like as in an endless loop.
title could be around the webpage, no offence
or should i be looking into a deeper meaning?

Strange - it works fine for me. What do you mean by “default home page” - do you mean on our site, or on the video ( web site?

Do you have an old web browser (you might try updating it).

Do the videos below work?

Youtube video:

Vimeo Video:


ah yes silly me.
i have safari kinda an old browser
yes the utube now works for me, the vimeo doesnt.

will try on another browser, thks

Elyn R. Saks what an inspirational lady.
it was also an very insightful video.

and they do agree with me, doctors dont know exactly under what condition a certain out come would be.
i said it first
higher level, of consciousness
conspirancy, gov

we still end up in the stigma`s and labels, for convenience sake

All of the videos work for me.

I like the music of the first video.

Oh, good. Alias has another new avatar.

how kind too notice.
yes i now work for the rvs, instead of the nsa
why because they have donuts for lunch, snowy donuts

the interview of Elyn Saks is great- her book is my favorite book I’ve ever read and she is an inspiration to me.

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Great interview with Elyn Saks. I also read her book, and liked it quite a bit. Although I don’t agree with her about everything, she’s still very inspiring.

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