Schizophrenia Video - MTV Canada

I’m having trouble accessing this video - can some other people check? Is it only viewable by people in Canada?

““Currently unavailable please try again later””

I managed to watch it. It worked on my computer. I do live in Canada. SO maybe that’s why it worked.

I got the same message.

Worked for me. In Canada.

Yes - I think its probably only available in Canada.

It was a good video. Its a shame you don’t have access to it.

The first guy on the video is the guy from this link:

There are others. I will look for another version.

It doesn’t look like it was aired on MTV International so I’m having no luck getting another version.

Im glad to hear that MTV is showing something enlightening about schizophrenia. Now less people will think it means I have 3 alternating personalities.

If you get a VPN you will be able to watch videos from around the world which may be blocked in your country.

Have you tried this? What VPN service would you recommend?


I have used a VPN service. You can access websites, software, online radio, versions of TV programs etc. that are are otherwise restricted based on your location. Just make sure you get a good provider. I used Private Internet Access and they were good value.