Post a favorite non-music Youtube video

Clash of the Goddesses: Maria Sharapova vs Sabine Lisicki in WTA tennis:

I dunno if the link will work as im on mobile but this video makes me laugh so much. Im laughing right now as ive just watched it again. Soooo funny!!!

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What I’m actually doing right now:


I relate to this cat TOO much sometimes.

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That cat is brilliant!

This ecig battery got me off real cigarettes

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The first time I watched this I forgot to turn the sound on.
It was even more poignant without the soundtrack.
Loved it and watched some of the others at the end.

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Has someone been reading my journals?

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I love women’s collegiate volleyball!!!

(EDIT - Video title isn’t showing for some reason. It’s: 2014-12-06 NCAA Women’s Volleyball, Round 2, Michigan St v Stanford)

Hillbilly Bears

Think this is still my fav.

Funny lotr redub/voiceover

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Who I want to be like one day, one day

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I like it better with the sound off.

SPIN (God is a DJ / Dieu est un DJ/ Hard to be a god)
Double Edge Films. Director: Jamin Winans. 7 min. USA, 2005.

The short film from Jamin Winans about a mysterious DJ who is sent to a busy city block to mend a series of tragic events that occur in our everyday lives. Winner of over 40 film festivals awards worldwide.