Schizophrenia and Dementia: Are They Linked?


Very interesting article.

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My Mom had dementia, so does her sister, my aunt.
On my fathers side one his sisters suffered with dementia and to top it all of I could very well be suffering from bipolar AND schizophrenia!

I’m basically screwed.

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I think the majority of us are screwed if long term use of antipsychotics is a likely cause of dementia.

Just one more side effect to add to the growing list.


My girlfriend, who also has schizophrenia, had a brain scan last week because she is forgetting many things. Her pdoc said that he believes she may have dementia due to taking APs for decades (I’m also having a problem with memory).


Yes I’m having lots of memory issues too.
I’ve been on APs for decades

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I have better long term memory, than short term.
what does that mean do you think?
just normal?
yeah, @Wave I’ve been on meds for decades too.

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I’ve been on APs for almost 8 years, bar the two times when I quit meds and relapsed.
After the last relapse I noticed my memory got blurry, both long-term and short-term.
I also have a hard time visualizing past events. It wasn’t the case before.

So maybe schizophrenia in and of itself is the main culprit for cognitive functions decline. I think APs who prevent relapses should actually protect against dementia. My two cents.

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Yeah, it got worse after the first episode, between first and third episode I noticed no change, after the third episode it plummeted again. I have trouble especially remembering faces. It’s not prosopagnosia, as I can easily identify people by looking at their faces.

even blacks? or if you are? it’s mutual misunderstanding.

Ummm I’m caucasian but I can still identify people from different ethnic groups by looking at them. I can’t visualize their face in my mind, that’s my problem. Sounds like aphantasia, but maybe it’s temporary. It’s been 13 months since my last episode ended.

I don’t know what that term means, but it’s something hard to admit,
faces, ethnicity, and how much you identify somebody.
I’ve got good friend, Maurice, neighbor, young black guy, I’ve helped him out,
don’t think I’ll forget his face, but who knows.
sorry to derail this thread.

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No you’re not derailing. Preserving our memories means we have staved off dementia.
I also try to avoid overdosing on my AP. My goal is to minimize side effects, such as weight gain and tardive dyskinesia, but maybe too large an AP dosage could also increase the risk of dementia, not sure.

old pictures really help.

Despite this, experts are firmly agreed that aphantasia comes in two forms: congenital, present from birth, and acquired, after brain injury or significant psychological event. The latter was most famously explored in Dr. Zeman’s case study of a retired building surveyor who had lost his ability to visualize after heart surgery.

What is Aphantasia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment I have total aphantasia and have taken part in several research surveys.

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wow. thanks for that.

I won’t tell Phil though. he thinks I have every condition under the sun. ha.

Funny. Since my last episode, besides developing partial aphantasia, I’ve also noticed heart issues that weren’t present before (sporadic palpitations, tachycardia, shortness of breath).