Schizophrenia and dementia: Is there a link?


This concept scares me because I already don’t do well on the dementia test. I’m actually avoiding reading the article. Sometimes it’s good to be blissfully ignorant


It is very evident that the alleged relationship between what schizophrenia is and what dementia is Does not go outside the box of Diagnostic Nomenclature ,for one distinct condition whose identity is remains unknown,its basic nature,its reason of existence or its functional cause (according to the results of the scientific methods examinations )

Therefore,whether it is agreed to call it “early Dementia” or “Schizophrenia”,this does not reflect any actual truth about its basic nature as it as in itself !

Before the invention of the term “schizophrenia”,one of the ancient pioneer gave the name " dementia praecox " to the condition that is now called schizophrenia ,and both of them is just a name for unknown condition (the sudden madness in the youth age)
do you search about relationship between a diagnostic nomenclatures ?

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It’s definitely something that concerns me, and I reckon quite a few here of a similar age.

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I know that in the beginning sz was called dementia praecox.

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