Schizophrenia and a/the Storyline

Quick question for the people that “hear voices”.

Do they have a storyline?

Through the ten years I’ve been a schizophrenic or schizoaffective.

My voices some times say Satanic things and things about elite organizations, such as the Skull and Bones.

I’ve talked with other schizophrenics and they say the voices have a “story”.

Some times they comment on where I am but go back to a “story”.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


When I’m half asleep, the voices used to have conversations like regular people, about their lives and such.

I don’t really hear em anymore in that state. It was kinda neat tbh.

Mine don’t really have a storyline. It’s more about being annoying while I’m doing something, or thinking about something. Being intrusive

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I think they call those “commentary” hallucinations.

Mine sometimes comment on what I’m doing but they have a theme. A story they stick too.
However, the theme can change, so the story changes.

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Situational base stories my thoughts create and there would be some voices too…

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Mine don’t really have a story line as such some say they are the devil and are taking me to hell others are the government then I just have regular annoying voices. They do talk to each other at night and when I’m doing things that I’m not supposed to be doing but it is all very jumbled up so can’t make out what they are saying to each other.

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My voices express a very complex religious system with angels, demons, gods etc


There was defos a storyline when I was psychotic.

Nowadays, the voices range anywhere from saying horrible things to kind things.

It’s really a toss-up as far as to what they’ll say.


The general narrative has been suicidal in nature when things get really bad.

I just wish they go away.Wouldn’t complain on either side of illnes…

I’m wondering if you hear voices all the time; if your constantly in psychosis or if it’s just plain schizophrenia.

Does having schizophrenia mean your psychotic or in psychosis?

My voices just say stupid things in Spanish

Yea my voices had this whole story that I was the centre of here’s a few

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