Hi how are you there? What is voices by the way?

Are voices have colour to you, couse my thoughts was so colourful,weird, and cool, but was horrible time , better be with drugs, the voices reminds me salvia devinorium I was smoking when I was healthy.
are voices are intrusive thoughts? I am bored I don’t know English vey good , to comment on your posts maybe someone comments on mine, but please use less difficult words, I am now sitting and dreaming have no friends and not very good commentator. time wastes and goes , do you think you have boring lifes with schizophrenia?

I believe schizophrenia made my life a little bit interesting :wink: But there are also scary times. The voices I hear come from my inner mind. Sometimes they support me and sometimes they bring me to tears. The main difference between intrusive thoughts and voices is that intrusive thoughts seem to be coming from yourself rather than an outside source. Hope this helped! :slight_smile: :hatching_chick:

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i liked your post mine experience of schizophrenia is just some kind of adventure but i don’t want to speak about it. i think then i have voices. i wanted to be voice actor? WHAT IF VOICE ACTOR START TO HEAR VOICES WHAT DO THEY BE LIKE? HOW HE COULD ACT ON THEM? THATS INTERESTING THOUGHT COME TO MY MIND? I TRIED TO SOUND LIKE BUGS BUNNNY WHEN I WAS ON SEROQUEL AND MY BEATBOX WAS COOL> MY BOSS TOLD ME THATS VERY COOL > BUT SEROQUEL DIDNT WORKED WELL ON ME< SO NOW I AM ON XEPLION STARTED BEFOUR 3 WEEKS, I THINK IT WOULD MAKE ME MORE ABLE TO WORK STRONGER AS DOCTOR TOLD ME AFTER HALF OF YEAR I TOOK IT. thanks for your post i think you understand what i wanted to tell

I have had Schizophrenia for 45 yrs now. What I have learned is that most if not all people see things hear things smell things that are not real or are not there or other people say is not real. The difference between normal people and people with schizophrenia is that normal people live healthy active productive lives not allowing themselves to become sick or unable to live life to its fullest. Let me know if you would like me to explain more about it.

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I don’t think that I have a boring life with schizophrenia because (for me) I can really creative with the problems that I have bothering me has been bothering with many years. Plus, the characters that I create comfort me in my time of need.

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I wish my voices were comforting. I also wish for my creativity to come back. It vanished with meds.

well why were you put on the medication?

I was full blown psychotic.

when was this???

6 years ago. I was psychotic for two years.

what was it like?

Being psychotic? Painful. Living nightmare.

what do you mean?

I to use art to help me. I found and M.D. who allowed me to gradually go off my meds after I proved to him I could deal with the demons. I captured my demons in artwork where I had control over them. After I made them into art pieces they could no longer come after me. I now had control over them and could dispose of them once and for all. Their allies don’t even try to attack me or come after me because they don’t want to be captured and eliminated.

Think like this. Everything you hear, see or feel can be false. What senses do you trust? What is real? What is not? There are people going to kill you. Plotting against you. Constant fear. You don’t sleep at all and that makes everything much much worse. People don’t believe ANYTHING you say. You are “just psychotic”. No matter what you say the nurses and care takers just nod nicely and think you are out of your mind. I was hospitalized for 6 months. Had a lot of time to do nothing. You become braindead in hospital if you are there too long.

I believed my drawings became alive when I was a kid. I forced myself to finish the work or the drawings would be mad at me. Maybe it’s my drawings haunting me…

i try not to have, i do things everyday to try and stop things from being boring, i have in the past gone on holiday, art classes, groups, exercise, college, volunteering, i try anything and everything to stop being bored but i still get bored sometimes.

about your main heading- i think voices are just uncontrollable thoughts that present in this way,

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voices are normal in these cases, i have comforting and guiding voices that help me make decisions and things but because these are good voices i don’t count them as a symptom, its when we lose control of our thoughts that voices turn and start to be less than helpful and that is when we start to have a problem and we need meds to try and take control back.

I captured the monsters by putting them in drawings and carving wooden statues of them. So now I have control of them. They can no longer haunt me because I have the power to destroy them.

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I never smoked salvia, never will. But I’ve done every other hallucinogen in the book