Schizoaffective disorder and paying attention


I have schizoaffective disorder. So basically I’m bi-polar and schizophrenic. I can’t take depakote or and drugs for mood because of my liver so I take the natural route. Bacopa, Ashwagandha, and Gotu Kola really helps with my mood. I’m also taking appetite suppressants Saffron and Caralluma to lose weight. It seems like a really solid combination. I’m definitely going to try Sarcosine and L-Theanine. Eggs balance my serotonin and acetylcholine. Bananas balance my dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. I’m going back to college, I’m 30 years old. Is there anything out there that can help me pay attention to lectures better? If I write something down I can usually remember something. Some people can just pay attention and comprehend everything. How do people do that and what vitamin or supplement helps with that?


Can u try sarcosine and l theanine…

Sarcosine may help in paying focus and attention…

Can u look at it…

I have never tried supplement because i am too poor…


College is much easier than public school. Writing things down that seemed important helped me. Also the teacher may ask some questions on the material in class and it helps to try to answer those. If you get a question wrong they will calmly correct you in the right direction.


I’ve tried Ritalin and it helped me in on tests. But it hurt me sitting through class and being really nervous. It’s not worth it to take that.


Are there any good foods to eat for mood disorders and schizophrenia?


I’ve found that twice daily fish oil capsules keep my mood even and stable.


Good for you for doing so well! I’m glad you are going back to class. I hope it goes well for you. I don’t know what you can take to help your memory, but sometimes, people just learn better one way over another. I learn better by writing things down, then rewriting them. I can’t learn by just listening and wasn’t able to even before I became ill. I’m just not an auditory learner. Maybe you’re not either.


My Friend Supplements only gives you minimal Change so dont worry


Supplements don’t do anything for me.

Vitamins help but Lthwanine was a joke


How old are u @Shizogerman …???


37 years old grandfather


I am 31 yrs old buddy… i would like to visit germany some day… do u get disability money in germany…??? Do u work buddy.??


I Do not work contanty because of negativ Symptoms. I have worked a half Year in supermarket now i am jobless and receive some money from the government but is to less to have a good life so just keep trying to work again.


I am also trying my hand at low stress job and part time job…its currently not available in our country…

I am pretty pissed up… sz is like cancer in our beautiful…


I often had the Impuls to quit a Job because I felt overwhelmed.


Just want to say enjoy ur life… do what u can do …
We have to struggle…


I will Vraylar give a try and hope my motivation and willing to stay on a Job will increased


Is it available in ur country… what is ur main symptoms…


I have a lot of negative and cognitive symptoms… sz sucks…


Vraylar will be available in the Next few months in Germany. I only have negative Symptoms. The Docs say schizophrenes Residium. So in fact i am stabilize but have Restnegativsymtoms which wont get away. The classical one live no motivation to Do things not social little Anhedonia and Alogia