Scary forum

Does anyone else get scared when people post things when they are obviously paranoid? It makes me nervous and unsettled. I think I’m giving this forum a break for a while. Anyone want to be friends? Send me a private message

I know I think like a scared child and don’t remind myself enough that I am an adult.

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Some of the super paranoid stuff just bothers me. It brings me back to being unmedicated and totally psychotic. For a while I really liked this forum but now it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m doing everything I can to be healthy. Just joined a gym. Eating right. Quit drinking (mostly).

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You just need a vacation from us. I do hope you’ll come back.

I usually get on here when I’m bored and have nothing to do. Which is a lot. Luckily I’ve been talking to someone I met on here. That helps pass time.


I understand, I hate sexual posts that arent about meds side effects or recovery, also pseudoscience posts. I suffered from hypersexuality due to Abilify and hate reading sexual stuff here. I have been using the forum less since a while as everyone has some triggers so its not logical to ban every topic that trigger someone.

I talk to good friends outside the forum in real life video call and play video games with them and sometimes alone. Also I have 3 good friends I talk to on Discord.

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Also hate posts defending street drugs like magic mushrooms, weed etc Weed makes me psychotic and violent.

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Yeah. I smoked weed for a long time and it gives me paranoia. Found it’s best if I avoid it. But boy do I miss it


How are you @Edparry? Sorry if it was me that triggered you

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If I ever trigger anyone just flag my post.

I don’t get nervous when people post paranoid thoughts because it’s part of the illness. Also, I have first-hand experience, so I’m usually familiar with what a person is going through.

So do I. But it weirds me out when it’s obvious someone needs medicine or help. I guess we all don’t respond to meds the same way

I’m sorry if it was my post today that was scary.

I should have put it in the unusual beliefs section. I totally forgot.

I’m sorry… 1515

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