Does anyone else get anxious on this forum?

Lol, I get anxious on here!!

Very weird

I mean it’s just online.

Can anyone relate

What makes you feel anxious on here?

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I get worried that people on here are gathering info on me so they can kidnap me and use that knowledge against me. But I still say a lot of what I want to say.


Don’t worry you are safe…

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Maybe is the fact that you are socializing and in a community?

I’m like that too in all walks of my life! A weird aspect where you’re paranoid but have a need to be heard, or be expressive.

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it was stress and fear that drove me insane

Thanks @anon90843118

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Used to, a little.

Yeah. I want my paranoia to be unfounded and with hope it’s not, and hope for connections, I reach out anyway




I get anxious when people respond to any of my posts. :lizard::lizard::lizard:

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I feel sort of like that in a way. My story is different than yours, but i feel like this site is easily tracked and possibly compromised or can find someone super easy. I dont care that much. Youtube and blogs and other sites are worse or just as bad. The human spirit can handle so much. My spirit was destroyed many times. I just put my faith into a higher power and try to give back or help others when i can. I love my family.

I think stuff happened to me in college. Facebook is a dud. I got rid of it.

I feel like i get visits all the time when I’m sleeping. Human and alien. Furthermore, I believe I’m getting programmed at night from satellites or cellphone towers and possibly have clones with consciousness transfer…

That sounds frightening to me. I’m glad you have your family for support

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I’m sorry to hear that Graybear, hope it gets better with time :slight_smile: :lion: :woman_cartwheeling:

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I always have to read through my activity page to see if I have been making myself sound bad. I think that would count as acting anxiously.

Yeh… Defo defo… But I need to expose myself and online is a good first step… I suppose. Gotsta be brave!!

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I have “ptsd” and nightmares and flashbacks of past lives of horrible crap happening to me in South America. I dont like talking about it at all. Im scared. Basically criminals…

I live in fear, have paranoia, etc. I feel crazy sometimes and worry about my family. Basically, I was “taken” from the mental hospital over a thousand times.

I sometimes blame aliens and schizophrenia…

Could have been something like SSP. I felt like it was end times…


Me too. You’ll be alright. Positive

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Well, the site is open to the public. You should always remember that when you post. That’s why we say to never post your personal information. We also discouraged selfies due to that, but people post them anyway.

We discourage offsite communication, as well. As long as you keep everything anonymous and onsite, we can protect you pretty well.


I get nervous when the administrator say my posts are inappropiate