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Hello I am not a fan of making topics. But in order to get out of new user status I will try making a topic. If this does not work I will investigate further.

Stay and play.

It’s a good crowd as you’ve probably seen from reading. Not many judge you here and you’ll find everyone has been through some shite.

What’s your story? I’m just run of the mill late diagnosed paranoid sz with major depression. Had a major depressive break at 23 with paranoid overtones but smoked weed for 5 years till major catastrophe.

You’d be surprised so what is your story…? Your not trying to promote something are you? Even in madness that becomes a bit tired! :slight_smile:

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No I don’t wish to share my story at the moment. I know about you rogueone. I lurk on these forums. You are a decent guy. You look similar to my father in fact, but that is besides the point.

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Fair cop! Much peace! Good luck on your journey!

Yes making this topic made no difference. This is not exactly great for someone who could have paranoia. Unless you have a normal functioning account. There is no point. I believe I meet the requirements based on my research. Paging @SzAdmin owner of this site.

Man this is so boring. I don’t have the patience for this. I am waiting for this technical issue to be solved.

What technical issue if I may ask ?

Not sure. It is a matter for the people who oversee this site. If it can’t be solved I’ll be out of here. And you won’t see me in this form on here again. I am requesting assistance from the people who run this site. Normal users of this forum may ignore this topic.

Maybe @ninjastar @anon9798425 or @ZombieMombie can help you out when they come on.

You post a topic related to Schizophrenia, and then the learn’ed people on here post a response. Whats the Issue with that!??

No you don’t see my issue. My account is very limited right now. As if there is a penalty. My username is grayed out when it shouldn’t be, etc. I am not looking for arguments or fights.

I know exactly what I am talking about.

Theŕes always one person complaining about something on this site.

99 % of the time its new members aswell !!!


Its just because you have just joined mate - the limitations will go away once you been here for a while. thats all. :slight_smile:


OK bye guys. Have fun if that’s how it is. I AM TALKING TO THE MODERATORS. Leave me alone for now…

Respect the community dude. If you dont like to converse then continue to lurk.

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I am not talking to you. I am talking to people who actually know me. Until my account is at least basic user I will not be satisfied. Moderators correct this for me and then you can delete this unfortunate topic I was left with no choice but to create. It’s really very simple. I am talking to the moderators I know these people. The sooner this is sorted out the better. You don’t even know me. Hahahaha.

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I do believe in order to get basic user, you must have been a member for a week and made x amount of posts.
I don’t think the mods will circumvent that for you.

You just gotta be patient dude, you joined 4 days ago so it’s only 3 more days.
Try responding to some topics in the meantime


If u a troll, u pretty good at it. !!

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If you wanna get on well on here mate, i would adjust your attitude :slight_smile:

I really dont know why your making such a fuss - it really is no big deal. Chill Out Fella.

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