Scary experience last night

I couldn’t stop thinking about the nightmare I had where the devil tried to get me to submit to him. So (awake) I started looking up things like “devil wants me to be a witch” online. But I knew that when you look up things about the devil he knows you’re digging into his territory. And then he was there and his energy felt to me like drowning in a black, icy ocean. I could see a horrible face in front of me when I closed my eyes. I prayed and asked Father to protect me and didn’t interact with it at all. Shortly after it left and I fell asleep. Scary though. Ugh.


At least it passed and you’re OK now.

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Scary. Lucky it was only a dream.

No it wasn’t a dream. That’s why I said awake ;_;

Oh. Sorry. Hard to read with voices sometimes.

Just pray and know that none of it is real. Spiritism is real, but Satan isn’t allowed to do things like that. Were you just about to fall asleep? Was it hynagogic hallucinations?

I used to have to do that kind of stuff when I sensed presences in the room at night as a kid… not fun. Sorry that you had to go through that @anna.

Hey perhaps sometime in the future you will remember these experiences and laugh at them, rather than taking it seriously.

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Yeah I had the sensing presences thing too. Only I still have that to this day ;_; Ohhh Abilify please start working

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disbelief is the ultimate power over the supernatural if its real at all… they prey on the susceptible. You have done nothing wrong @anna… stay strong

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Get a glass put salt in it…put it under your bed roughly under where you lay…salt ring around the bed works better but then you got salt everywhere so try the salt in a shot glass first…it keeps the watchers out and they are infinitely more terrifying and powerful so the salt should keep the devil out…

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