Scared yet lying

Hello everyone I am new here. I have been very scared recently for roughly the past four years I have been seeing visual hallucinations however none of anything too major. I see helicopters circling me and hear the rotors… I also think the government has put cameras in every street light and intersection… Just recently for the first time ever I heard a monotone young girl saying my name whilst taking a test so it was clear it was all just in my head… I am going to a psychiatrist but have not told him these things because I am scared he is going to try and put me on some government mind control medicine. I have just been diagnosed with panic attacks and GAD but I am scared there is a lot more going on than just that… I am 20 and in college and very high functioning yet I feel like I am just becoming more and more unable to function… Has anyone felt feelings like this? I don’t know whether to talk about these issues or to just hide them from my psychiatrist am I going crazy and will this ever stop!? I am starting to lose all hope…

Edit: I also used to trip LSD roughly 25 times and finally quit when I had a breakdown and saw myself getting ripped to shreds and met god and was reborn on it. I still smoke marijuana on occassion but for the most part I have cut out all that in my life, is that a possible factor? Thanks!

This is a delusion. Be honest with your pdoc because he is only there to help. I primarily have visual hallucinations and rarely hear voices. You don’t want it to get worse, trust me it can become really scarey. I see demons and the one communicates with me telepathically and tells me to kill my mom. Marijuana can make the psychosis so much worse. Two times while I was stoned I had a delusion to kill my mom because it already happened and I would break the space time continuum if I didn’t do it. That really scared me. If a small part of me didn’t believe it I would have acted on it. I know the appeal of weed but it’s really not good when you have psychotic symptoms. Just be honest with your doctor and tell him why you weren’t. Btw welcome to the forum. Good luck to you. :sunny:


thought i would say hi,
doing drugs is stupid, good on you for stopping.
the shrink is there to help you , he is not a goverment agent, no one is listening to you, there are no cameras and no i am not working for the goverment…
everything you have mentioned are things that most of us have been through, it is normal…
remember this is your mind and your body, you control it.
be positive, know that some one cares.
take care


Thank you both I have decided to see my Dr sooner and tell him the truth it’s hard but hope is all that will keep me going and if I don’t I’m afraid it will just get worse I’m not gonna say I am glad I am not alone with seeing this hell but it’s comforting to know there’s hope.

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