Im scared please help

Please help me out guys … when I was younger I had smoked some weed with some of my friends and I had a really bad panic attack and I did not want to smoke weed ever again well after that my panic attacks got really worse and I would be scared of losing my mind or dying. And in these last 4 years I’m experiencing even worst symptoms that I think is schizophrenia. I get paranoid when I leave my food somewhere or when I go order food I feel like if I’m rude to them they will spit on my food or put some type of poison , I feel detached from reality … and lately thinking about having schizophrenia is getting me nauseous to the point where I want to cry out of fear because I’m scared that I have it… I do not hear voices or see things other people can’t see unless when I’m having a panic attack everything around me that I hear repeats itself because of the fact I think I’m schizophrenic. I can’t leave my house because I get panic attacks so I stay home but I have read on forums online that getting out helps so I have been doing that lately, I just don’t know what to do if I do have it . I’m scared … By the way I’m 19

Steer clear of the weed and I suggest you talk to a doctor. Sz isn’t the worst thing. Life can still be rewarding and even in certain ways especially. We are all learning to fly with our dumbo ears. Our weaknesses become our strengths when we care for eachother


What you describe is very similar to what I went through when I was your age. I’d sit in class in high school so scared that I thought something had to break inside me. I understand about the weed. One time when I was little I drank a bottle of cola shortly before bed time, and I had an extremely hard time falling to sleep that night. I’ve had insomnia ever since. I know it’s hard, but try to make it without resorting to sz medications. Schizophrenic medications are debilitating. There are lots of things I can’t do now that I could before I was put on med’s. You’re probably not going to find a drug that makes things easy for you. You’re not psychotic. Try to make it without medical help. Lean on your parents, lean on your siblings, there is nothing wrong with having a crutch for a little while.

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I haven’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia yet I really want to see a psychiatrist and I’m looking for some in my area but my symptoms match schizophrenia symptoms. It’s just feels scary too me

Has there been anyone besides here that you’ve told your problems to? If your problems are interfering in your life so much to the point that they seriously affect your functioning than you need to reach out for help. In real life, not just these forums here. Isolation can hurt you, it’s true that getting out can help you.

There’s no one on this site who can diagnose you but I am schizophrenic and I had many of the same problems you do when I first started getting sick. You may have schizophrenia, you may not. If you really have it, then I will tell you what you do. You just keep living. Your life will be affected but you just keep living in the world the best you can. Life does not stop when you have schizophrenia. It gets harder but it goes on.

Can you tell your family what you’re going through? Those closest to you may be your biggest allies in your struggle, they’re the ones who you can depend on. Panic attacks don’t automatically mean you have schizophrenia. Paranoia does not automatically mean you have schizophrenia either.

I think you need help, you might want to see a psychiatrist or talk to a therapist. The people in those professions are there to help you. It’s their jobs. Do you go to school? Maybe you can talk to the school nurse and confide in her. Yeah, panic attacks suck, I’ve gone through those for months sometimes.But I recovered from them. Anyway, I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia for 35 years and I’ve survived and I’ve done many things in my 54 years and I plan on doing a lot more, life does not end when you are schizophrenic. Good luck.


This doesn’t pass the smell test. If you’re serious about this, I advise you to stop seeking answers from strangers on the net who are not qualified in any capacity to diagnose you, and go see a real life psychiatrist.


I talk to my fiancee about everything that goes on with me because everyone else around me probably would not understand it, like I said I’m going to seek help I just wanted some more support on here because I do not have my parents in my life and I have a really broken family and I feel as if my friends would view me like I’m a loon. And I was going thru a panic attack earlier when I first posted this forum , so I was also trying to seek some comfort trying to ease my mind. I’m really glad I’m with my fiancee though she supports me through so much… and the reason why I was so panicky about not knowing if I was sz is because we have a child on the way and I’m scared that it would get even worse and I would not be able to provide for her or my soon to be child. I have read that many people with schizophrenia end up homeless, incarcerated, or in mental institutions. And two things I did not mention earlier were my grandfather has schizophrenia and my mother smoked Meth while I was in her womb . And this is the reason I’m just stressed out about this it’s too much… :disappointed_relieved:

Well, I hope you get relief from your stress. And this is a good place to get support. I wish you good luck. You’re at a very difficult age right now, I hope you get the help you need.

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Take that that is good and not what is bad. john sounds like you have a lot on the table, fear is sometime a physical to many bugs out there see a Dr. and life is great with less panic attack. maybe home life is a stresser!

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Please see a psychiatrist… I don’t think your symptoms all pointed towards schizophrenia… You could have a lot of anxiety and paranoia without having schizophrenia… Voices are pretty consistent for most schizophrenics but delusions are important in diagnosis so if you don’t have any delusions apart from being worried that you have schizophrenia then you probably don’t have It

Anxiety and upset address is also a mental illness… My sister has just been prescribed sertraline which is for anxiety post-traumatic stress disorder et cetera depression PTSD


I’ve also had allsorts of hypochondria problems thinking I have cancer or et cetera… If you have had hypochondria about schizophrenia that must be really scary… It’s easy to convince yourself of something but you should see a psychiatrist which I think is the most important thing for you right now


Also, I’m not saying that you need Sertraline xx
I think the most worrying thing is you being worried about being poisoned… That is quite a common thing in schizophrenia… No one here can diagnose you! You must get talking to someone about everything if you go to your GP they can refer you

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Panic attacks can make you feel like you are losing your mind. It is very common. If you feel like losing your mind you propably isn’t. But I’m no doctor. I just know from my own experience.

I was psychotic for two years before I was medicated. I held my job for the first year, I could hear other people’s thoughts. It was all natural for me because I was chosen to have this supernatural ability.

But when time passed my delusions became more bizarre. I thought my boss was a satanist and gathered evidence against him. I could walk on water and saw the walls breathe and bleed. I saw angels trapped in the walls. Voices told me to free them. My guardian angel Jerek also appeared before me. I had a bible under my pillow for protection. I stole it in the hospital library. I listened to the book of revalation over and over on mp3. I’m an atheist when I’m not delusional.

Without delusions no schizophrenia. Delusions are things you believe are true and other people lie when they say otherwise. It is something you are strongly convinced of. Lack of insight of delusions or illness is most common.

I hope you get a good doctor who listens to you and can give you the right diagnose, panic attacks, anxiety or even if he says it could be schizophrenia, it’s not the end of the world. It gives you information on how to deal with the problem.

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You sound a bit like me. Anxiety is one hell of a beast, and can make you feel like you are losing your mind. What you describe doesn’t sound like schizophrenia full-on, because you are still able to question and challenge your fears. Sounds more like severe anxiety and maybe OCD. Obviously still get checked out by a professional, strangers on the internet are no substitute, but I joined this site not too long ago with basically the same fears and issues, and I also had to quit smoking weed years ago because it started giving me panic attacks. SZ is not the utter end of the world, but there are not even any signs that you have it, just terribad anxiety. While you’re waiting to find out, though, and waiting to get in to see a pdoc, a lot of people here are pretty cool. So don’t be afraid of to hang out while sorting through things. They even tolerate my feisty butt, so you should be fine. Just try to avoid doom-and-glooming SZ while you’re here, because remember most people here are diagnosed with it. Peace.


I smoke cigarettes heavy as well to ease my anxiety and panic attacks I know y’all are going to tell me to quit but it helps but I really appreciate y’alls support.

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Again - not saying you need Sertraline - I have no idea what exactly you are going through - only you and your psych can work that out - just look up the indications for Sertraline - Anxiety disorders, Depression, PTSD, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Social Anxiety

that kind of thing

Again - as someone else said - Schiz takes away your insight. So in that sense unlikely you are Schizophrenic

I have Sz in my family and I never once thought I actually had it. Even in 2007 when my ex boyfriend told me I had it I just thought he was being mean.

Get checked out by a psychiatrist. It is best to look on the bright side of things. If you have it avoid triggers and such.

Again I really appreciate all of y’all’s support I have an appointment on Monday to see a psychiatrist doctor so please wish me well. I haven’t ever had support like this even though it’s through a website I’m glad to see alot of people trying to help me out because I have never had any of that. I wish y’all the best and I will update y’all on Monday.


Hi John,

I actually created an account just to reply to this topic because I went through the same EXACT thing when i was baout 17-19 (I’m 28 now).

I smoked weed with a friend, got really high and had the most terrifying panic attack of my life. From that day, I had panic attacks often, and became paranoid about leaving the house or having any type of responsibilities (especially social) in fear that it would trigger a panic attack. I talked to my doctor and was prescribed Xanax when an attack was coming on and an anit-depressant to try and control it overall. I didn’t think I’d ever work again, have a social life , anything. I felt pretty hopeless.

But I’m, here to tell you that there’s hope because I haven’t had a panic attack in years and I am feeling better than ever with a whole different mind set that, if you told me 10 year ago, I would never believe for a second.

I am no doctor by any means but I don’t believe you have sz becuase you sound just like me. I think you are suffering from GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder and its going to take some deep rewiring in your brain (and I mean that as in, you are going to have to have some deep mental realizations about yourself) to overcome this. As crazy as that may sound just bare with me because I know how you feel and not many people can understand it.

Here’s the series of events that lead me to overcoming this and maybe it can help you in some way. One night (about 2 years into living like this with panic attacks damn near everyday, even trying to go through a drive through for some fast food, etc.) I was laying in bed watching a movie and I felt a panic attack coming on. My heart started going and my mind started racing through all these terrible things that were going to happen to me. I reached for my xanax but it was so bad my throat was closing up and i felt I couldn’t even take it.

I had my first deep accepted thought that made a drastic change, I told myself. “This is no way to live. If a panic attack is going to kill me, it might as well at this point because I can’t stand living like this.” I basically accepted death as an option (not by killing myself but by allowing the panic attack to run its course because I was mentally exhausted and over it). A wave came over me and the attack stopped. It was the craziest thing. I started trying to understand why that happened. It was the first real step in the right direction.

I started using my time (since I wasn’t working) to try and further understand what was going on in my head that was causing this and I realized the more and more deep thoughts/epiphanys I had, the better i would feel and the less frequent the attacks would be.

I started thinking back to the first panic attack that started everything and smoking weed. I decided to research everything I could about weed and realized I was never in any danger that it was all in my head because I conviced myself I got too high and “didn’t feel right” and “didn’t look right” etc. and realized how irrational my thought was and that at most I probably would’ve fallen asleep but not died. That was HUGE! I was basically reprogramming my brain, taking a deep thought and thinking about it in a better more informed light.

Usually this is what you get from therapy if done right. I was able to self-diagnose (mainly because I even feared seeing a psychiatrist because it was, again, outside of my “safe zone”). I think deeply about who I am and why I have thoughts that I do and it’s been the most freeing feeling. I was back to having a normal life, naturally weened myself off the anti-depressants and slowly but surely started leaving the xanax behind. By the time i was 20, I was back to my normal self but even stronger having made it through that. I’ve helped some freinds overcome their anxiety because of it as well.

Its terrifying and so the last people you want to talk to are those who have never experienced it because they’ll think you’re crazy. I know I rambled on for a while and I’m not going back to proof this so it might sound all over the place but I hope it helps you or in the least bit, gives you some hope!


I just left the office and I got diagnosed with OCD severe anxiety and a panic attack disorder . I really appreciate that information though

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