Paranoid delusions

I think the government is still monitoring me and meddling in my life. Was supposed to have a really good job interview next week and I haven’t heard back.

Those bastards. I am sure they monitor me on here too.

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Government probably has no interest in you, unless you are up to illegal activities there are to many people in the world for them to care

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those bastards are everywhere…

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maybe they are the real boss behind the new job. they are everywhere literally

and now you are gonna work for them.

they even implanted bugs in my brain. there’s no escape

I heard back on a Saturday. My phone interview is Monday at 2:15 pacific time.

Hope I get an in person interview.

This is a good job.


I always feel the same way.
The govt is probably monitoring me too.

I used to think that a lot too… but then I discovered I was pretty boring :slight_smile:

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I’m having such a hard time… I been suffering from drug induced hallucinations for 4 years… yet the “voice thpughts” are always basically wanting me to feel like people can hear my thpughts… that my brain is bugged… that there’s something out there going on about me… I always try to reassure myself but no matter what it goes back to this. I need reassurance that nooned can hear my thoughts… that nothing is out thered… and that I’m simply suffering from symptoms… does anyone else feel this way too or go through hallucinations or delusional thoughts like this?
Any advice would help. thanks !

Try medication. It works for me.

I am on Latuda… but I really think I need to talk to doctor about how bad and how much I do struggle with this… I sometimes feel embarrassed to really tell the doctor how bad this actually is… with delusional thoughts and auditory hallucinations makes me believe I am a test subject and people can hear my thpughts… can that be true? or do I need to accept this is something that happens when someone is suffering with symptoms… I just don’t know what to believe… is it real ? or just symptoms?
help !

It’s just symptoms. Not telling your doctor everything is a huge mistake. Please tell your doctor everything. They can adjust or change your medication as a result.

If you don’t tell them they probably think the meds are doing their job.

your right… even thought I feel embarrassed. it will probably be worth it… living this way trying to be an average working person maintaining a life just isn’t working anymore. I sometimes want yo give up… believing it’s all real. I hear my sister’s voice everyone’s voice basically saying oh she knows ( that I know there’s an investigation out there) and that my inner thoughts everyone can hear…that people feel bad for me… I mean I just don’t know what to do anymore… even when I tell the voice thoughts your n9t real it doesn’t work… so when I basically give in that doesn’t work… what are some tools ( if you suffered from this ) could I use it things I can do to help manage this ? because today… is really bad day as I’m struggling very much…


Well not to change the subject but my phone interview went well I think. They said they were doing 15 minute phone conversations from 2 to 4 today so that means I was 1 of 8

The next step is Skype interview and then they are going to pick 1 or 2 to fly out and meet the staff and see the facility.

The job is in California and I am in Louisiana. The ad said they would pay for relocation.


Ok, so can we agree in future that the first conclusion shouldn’t be “the government”. :smiley: Best of luck with the remaining interviews.