Scared of my doctors

I don’t trust doctors. Maybe at first, but once I start getting to know them I stop trusting them and I figure out they’re not here for my interests and they don’t believe me. In a few hours I’m going to see my therapist but I don’t trust her. I don’t want to talk to her

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Maybe you should get a different therapist. One you connect better with. Some doctors are not good doctors and some we just aren’t comparable with. You could try giving the therapist a chance though. How long have you been seeing them.?

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I understand not being able to trust doctors and unfortunately the only thing I can suggest is to try to get a new one I went through 13 docs in 6 months. I know that sounds excessive but that’s what it took to find a good doctor for me.

Also something that might help you. If a doctor isn’t believing you about something or disagrees with you about something ask them to explain their reasoning. It can help you understand where the doc may be coming from and vice versa.

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Drs are hit and miss. Same with therapists…wait same with people. Keep trying and hopefully you’ll find someone you can trust and bond with. Remember just because the have a doctorate or md doesn’t mean they’re perfect


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