Do you trust your doctor?

Hey guys, as above, thoughts?

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No. I have had 4 med changes this year, and I have seen him twice - which is apparently a privilege

Pre Covid my doctor at the time would follow up constantly with med adjustments

Now it’s all done through intermediaries who report back to the doctor who then gives instructions

There is constant mis-interpretations and misunderstandings

As a result, I have to administer the meds with my own sense of caution, and no professional input

This in my view is not safe

If I was just entering the system I wouldn’t have known any better, but I do, and I am letting them know

I have handed over power to my doctor.

Now I might want to change that in time.

We’ll see.

Why should i trust her? She didn’t care when i told her i have adhd and needed treatment.

I do trust him.
He is the best so far


About 95% for the pdoc

About 75% for the family doc (best I could find)

My cardiologist can suck it!

Okay, I still mostly trust the cardiologist, but I’m POed over him having me taken off Geodon.


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I trust my doctor and both of my psychiatrists

Doctors are human and schizophrenia is incurable. So I trust them to try at least.

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Not particularly.

I don’t trust my doctor with my life.

I like to do extra curricular research whenever they suggest a medication 4 me :grin:

I’ve got quite a few specialists and trust them all. If I don’t like them, I find someone else. But my pdoc is my favorite doctor. I’ve developed a trust in his judgement. I have to trust him, as I have to be fully honest with him the most.

I trust my current pdoc as he listens to what I have to say and is not afraid (or egotistical) to try things that I suggest to him (I read a lot of PubMed). The last pdoc was a b*tch and I’m glad she went back to wherever she came from. I also trust my regular doctor, he’s very respectful and even lets me bring my dog into appointments.

I trust my pdoc 97%
I trust my family doctor 60%
I trust my weight loss doctor 95%

i trust my therapist, but my pdoc is provided by the county so I am kind of iffy about telling him everything even though I probably should.

I trust both my primary dr and my pdoc. I’m lucky

I only trust my doctors as far as I can throw them. Fortunately, my GP is a short light woman and my pdoc is a skinny tall woman, so I’m guessing I can throw them pretty far.

I may have to try it someday and see what the actual footage per throw is :thinking:.

How can I know if I can trust them otherwise?

All joking aside, I trust my pdoc to do what she does…which is basically prescribe meds. I trust my GP, but I sometimes wonder if she’s not quite as sharp as a doctor should be. I’m sometimes not 100% sure on her judgement sometimes. I like them both though.

Edit: The reason I question my docs sharpness, is her memory doesn’t appear to be very good and I think she misdiagnosed my chest pain as a nerve issue when I got another appointment with a doc and that doctor immediately gave me antibiotics for the chest and cough issue. It seems to have mostly cleared it up. I think it was an infection of some kind. My GP never seems to remember me and always has to review my notes from my case to get a handle on my issues. I would probably have the same issues seeing so many people, but you want your doctor to on top of things.

Edit: Although, quitting smoking may have been a contributing factor to chest pain resolution as well.

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Hey @velociraptor, how are you doing without meds?

Yes, I have a great pdoc. She’s caring, knowledgeable, smart, and open minded. Best one I’ve ever had. I’m grateful.

I’ll let you know in a few weeks - still tapering down the AP. Have lots of other meds. Wanna try some blood thinners?