Scared Of Afterlife today, TW

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People can’t read your mind

I don’t think you should be trying to live up to the standards of some voice.

Sorry you are having such a hard time @anon66864989

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But the voice had power over my sensations. What if that happens when I die

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Your voices are part of you. They come from your own brain. Don’t let them have control over you.

I suppose you’re saying you’re scared of a scientific aftermath of life.

I’ve been afraid too

Now I’m healthier too and have more faith

Everything is going to be alright

my post isn’t religious. But it’s about faith. Not faith in god necessary but faith in…like being alright with yourself

And you’re very young so plenty of time to amend your psychosis before you die. You shouldn’t be thinking about it so seriously and all.

Everything gonna be alright @anon66864989

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When I woke up one day randomly from my uncontiousness lying down in the street with no recollection of my self getting there in the first place, I remember i didn’t dream or feel anything… just opened my eyes from darknesses.

I think it’s just like that when you die. You don’t feel or see anything. You just don’t exist anymore. No pain.

Yea… If I feel like no one can fairly accuse me then I am safe.

Easier said than done

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when i was psychotic the mind was playing tricks with me

Sz or psychosis isn’t infectious…

Nothing lives on except art and memories.

Those persecutory voices always try to ruin your day, but you gotta show that you have power over them by keep doing what you always do and not let them affect your routine.

Distract yourself to maintain psychological flexibility

@ZombieMombie, could I please have a Trigger Warning in the title?

Thankyou for all your opinions :pray:

I do mostly believe that this doesn’t happen and we just disappear, BUT WHAT IF?

i think i know how you feel, my voices also tell there is no hope and im going to hell. I think its the thinking, when i get a fearful thought i get a confusing feeling and then the voices get work, like they are amplified by thinking it. It could just be a regular thing im doing and think oh i missed that and then the bad vibrations and voices come. I went and researched hell on the internet all different views for various belief systems. Like a medium would tell you no matter what you think your not going to hell, no matter what anyone did it just doesnt happen, it was just religious dogma that man invented long that people go to hell. So there is more then one view or opinion on the concept of people going to hell. Maybe its just what you believe that make the voices say what you say…you dont have to believe it you can control your mind…

Thankyou :slight_smile: very much

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Maybe I should just develop a faith for myself that it’s all nonsense to believe in hell. Somehow.

And with practice I will have strong conviction in that.

Regardless of my shortcomings.