Say I move to the US

I am in the UK but say I moved to the US would my medical records move with me? Or do i start fresh?

Here is why I’m asking. There is a guy up there and I’m going to meet him. If it goes further obviously one of us will have to move.

I do get free Abilify. But i’m going to come off it soon because I’ve almost been on medication four years without symptoms. My dose is 5mg.

How does medication work in the US? The cost? Is it expensive?

I know i should probably tell him but should i tell him I have schizophrenia? Or shall i be honest and say I’ve had various opinions and no one is sure what it is…it may be a one off but it maybe something serious like schiz.

My aunt keeps telling me i should just say it was stress but i am worried it may happen again in a completely different environment so i need someone to watch my symptoms.

Judging from the post I’ve seen from my fellow American’s… each state has it’s own flavor of resources and programs. You will want to look into a States individual health services before you go.

Some states are sadly low on resources. Some are really well stocked. As far as health care… we’re in a lock down debate over Obama-care and what will be covered and what won’t be covered and which companies now refuse to hire full time so they don’t have to provide ANY benefit help at all.

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Thanks J, Is anyone here from Chicago? Also say you apply for a job must you mention your diagnosis or its not important?

For most people in my SZ group, they don’t mention it and it works out OK for them.

I got my job through an outpatient rehab program so my employers knew about the drug and the drink but not the SZ. I have told my current boss ages ago because he’s a very cool man and I trusted him.

He’s still a very cool man and I still have my job and my boss is very good about working with me on a flexible schedule.

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I live in Illinois and I did not tell my employer about my sz and still haven’t.

Abilify is not free here unless the office gives you samples. Mine just told me they could no longer give them to me. But if you have insurance there is an Abilify savings card and you can get scripts for as little as 25 dollars. In my case I can only use mail delivery scripts and they will not accept the card which would make my script about 125 a month and to get 3 months at I a time I could barely afford.

I am going off of the Abilify as I am also on loxapine. Find I can’t live without the loxapine but am doing good going down to 5mg which is half my reg dose of abiify after one week. Going to taper more this week and see how I do.

Loxapine is very cheap.

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Abilify is considered a mild anti-psychotic and is widely prescribed in the U.S. You have no need to tell people of your medical history unless you are working in the medical field, and even then it isn’t necessary unless you have issues or need access to support services. Abilify is also expensive, you will need to get on some sort of health insurance to cover it–and having a job with really good health benefits is somewhat rare. For me it costs 30 dollars per month’s supply and I have Anthem BCBS. You can be prescribed medications by a psychiatrist or GP sometimes.

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Oh dear it all sounds quite expensive. How much would a monthly supply cost without insurance?

Immigration papers ask questions about mental health, how many years you have been in full time employment, how much $$$$ you have in assets, activities of daily living functioning. They also want references from employers.


Wow, um, I can give all those details but I don’t know how i would get past the mental health questions… i don’t think they’d allow me to settle there with mental health problems… :frowning: My GP said it may have been a one off psychosis however I have had various opinions.

As long as immigration knows you will not be applying for MedicAid, Food stamps, SSI, Welfare then your chances of moving are 92%. American customs expect a job lined up in USA before the move.

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The sky is the limit without insurance. Even in my state, cost seem to shift with the wind.

That’s why so many go up to Canada (3.5 hour drive away) and get their meds there.

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Thanks guys I’m not moving there I was just weighing out pros and cons.

When I did have insurance, my copay was $30 a month for abilify. The reciept said without insurance it was $1100 a month, but, that was also in 2010.

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