Thinking of moving

I want to move. We want to move closer to my spouse’s work since we’re currently all the way in the opposite side of the city. But that would mean moving counties and all my support services are tied to the county. The psych program I’m in I don’t actually have insurance coverage for anymore so I’m covered with indigent funding. That gets me three home visits a week, 24/7 crisis line, business hours text support, and a psychiatrist. But if I move I lose all that.

But living here sucks. I can’t drive and I’m not in walking distance to anything. I hate it here. But my psych services. If I move I’ll be so lonely.

Not an easy choice. I’d say stick with the services and do some research of other counties etc. You may be able to find something somewhere else that will work. One good thing about Australia is Medicare. It covers you all over the country and I see my psydoc in the city so I could theoretically move all over Brisbane and still have the same everything! I guess that was the goal of Obamacare without much support!

I was in a tough situation once. In turn for a while I was renting 2 apartments at the same time. This allowed me to move from one place to another in slow motion, rather than it be instant disconnect from one place on over to the other.

This gave me time to sort odds and ends out such that all was set and well in the new location before having completed the move.

The problem is a lot of psych places here only take Medicaid, the state sponsored health insurance for low income individuals. I only have Medicare, the federally sponsored health insurance for old/disabled people. But no psych providers around here take it. My clinician said she’ll work with me with transferring offices and see what we can work out. I’m confident I’ll find a doctor, but still sad about losing the home visits and supports.

how about public transportation?

Tough call.

Not liking where you live can be a constant stress.

But you also don’t want to lose those home visits and stuff.

Are you sure you’d lose them, your not under the gun to move, maybe if you had enough time you could get things set up with the new county before you even get the new place?

You’ve been living there awhile, right? It seems like you’ll always have the option to move, but with work, you won’t always need all the services you’re being provided.

So maybe, if the new county can’t provide what you need, just hold off, work on getting better, then move.

I don’t know,

Moving is such a complete shitstorm.

I feel your pain, homie…

What about it? 15


"But living here sucks. I can’t drive and I’m not in walking distance to anything. I hate it here"
Can’t you use public transportation to get to places that you need/want to get to.

Yes, that’s what I do now, but it’s not convenient like being able to walk somewhere close.

I’m working with my clinician to see if the other county has a similar program, but I would need to qualify for their indigent funding program, which can get tricky. But since it’s within the same company as I’m using now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But, honestly, I would rather lose the home visits than be stuck here another year. I want to move more for my daughter than myself. These apartments are not kid friendly at all. All the bushes and plants have huge thorns, there’s no playground close by, she’s the only kid around here. She’s 16 months and ready to be social and get out and run around and play, but she can’t here.