^(⊙_⊙)^ Say anything! xxxix 🐉



Cat.exe seems to be malfunctioning :joy_cat:


A friend I don’t see often has invited me for a sleepover and a movie marathon. I can choose between Japanese horror and Batman.
I don’t know what to pick! I do love me some Batman, but I haven’t watched Japanese horror in a long time.


I like the emoji. I’m a dragon in Chinese zodiac. Born in 1988 :dragon_face:


I’d pay to know what the reptile is thinking. and @moonbeam I hope I didn’t derail #38.


Early morning. I’m tired.


I got home from work just a little while ago; I’m tired, but I can’t go to sleep. Maintenance man should be coming soon.


The guy is on the way to deliver our new hot tub. Had to pay for it already. That was tough. I hate spending that much money.

He is supposed to be here in an hour.


■■■■. I put down vaping now. It was giving me headaches. No nic in it. Just flavoring etc. I am smoke free


Morning Gene and LED


My dog is in a super playful mood. He’s about 100 pounds and is jumping all over. Help. Lol.


Damn I missed out on first post :sob::cold_face: Were in the deep freeze this morning


I offended to many people. I am under attack. I did it. Being nice doesn’t pay the bills.


I don’t know how you Canadians do it. i’d be moving to alabama real quick. having a mild winter here, had two weeks of cold but that seems to have passed.


haha my Hawaiian shirts arrived in the mail today. :grinning:


@shifter and the rest of y’all this is say anything so I’m saying why is it when you get your feelings hurt you feel pain and become speechless? And then you have a forum where a bunch of your friends wished you a happy cake day yesterday? You say THANK YOU :hugs:.

Edit I’m not speechless anymore. Got my bite back :upside_down_face:


I’m sorry you felt pain but i’m glad you’re feeling better :slight_smile:


My mother in law was giving me grief for not having kids, and said at least you can cook. My in laws managed to have fun reflecting how I’ve scted on different meds, and nobody stuck up for me. I didn’t want to rock the boat…so I didn’t speak up, biting my tongue was all I could do. I’m listening to music and have my dogs…the feelings are dissipating because they’re all ftards hehe

Edit there is progress cuz I did get a compliment on my cooking. See just typing made me look at it at a different angle :hugs:


mom is over here cleaning out the library. it’s nice having her around. I wouldn’t mind living with them still but I think they had had enough of me.

she’s got it all out except for dad’s books. dad has the most unimaginative library ever. mostly religious and spiritual self improvement titles. my library will be way more kickass.

the new arrangements will be better for my social life and potentially dating life. having my own place. dad was going to sell it before, but now he is wanting to hold onto it since it’s bringing him rental income. eventually I will inherit the place, but there is no point in me staying here once mom and dad move on. im hoping to get into a assisted living facility somewhere in Georgia, the summers there aren’t that much hotter than here really and the winters are more like fall weather. if an assisted living facility is too expensive i’ll get a trailer somewhere close to a good grocery store.


I smell like fried chicken,ugh. I just took some leftovers next door. Apparently I wear pine sol and prepared food as a perfume. I wonder if it is as strong as my mom always smelling like booze. It’s a step up, but kinda gross, too. Idk. Edit enough negatives from me. I’m feeling energetic now.